Channel 4 commission three new contemporary drama series

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Channel 4 have announced the commission of three new contemporary drama and comedy drama series on both the main channel and sister channel E4.

Loaded is a new eight-part comedy drama from writer John Brown which follows four life-long friends; Josh, Vinny, Ewan and Watto, who become multi-millionaires overnight after selling their start-up videogame company.

Loaded is a comedy-drama about friendship, ambition, gluttony, the peculiarly British distaste for other people’s success, and what happens when you’ve got £11.5m in the bank but the cash machine has a £300 daily limit. It’s about four friends trying to cling onto the slats of their relationship in the eye of a raging hurricane of money and excess and personal butlers and gold-plated Nordic headwear.

Of the series John Brown says, “I’m very much looking forward to mining the experience of being an instant millionaire in 2016 to find the most difficult, painful, socially uncomfortable experiences imaginable. For this is how it must be to be Loaded—a rollercoaster of pain and mistrust and confusion and guilt and isolation. A rollercoaster with really comfy seats.”

Another eight-part comedy drama will be airing over on E4 in the form of Foreign Bodies which has been created by Tom Badsen and written by a team which includes Tim Key, Jonny Sweet and Rev’s James Wood. Foreign Bodies is the story of a motley gang of travellers embarking on a three month trip around Asia. British lads Sean and Dylan meet American girls May and Ashley in Beijing and opt to undergo the first leg of their travels together, but soon find that their journey takes them much further than any of them expected.

Despite wielding Lonely Planet guides, digital cameras and water purification tablets, our gang is not treating this as a holiday, and all have a personal quest that’s brought them halfway round the world. May wants to meet her extended family in China and reconnect with her roots, Ashley is hell-bent on cramming in a lifetime of exotic experiences before she starts her high-flying career back home, Dylan wants to track down and win back his ex-girlfriend, Sean wants to shed his innocence and forcibly grow up, and Greg, a 38 year old divorcee who doesn’t want to travel alone, hopes to roll back the years and relive the wild hedonism of his youth..

E4 also welcomes the return of Skins creator Bryan Elsley for the six-part innovative and emotional thriller series Kiss Me First. The series will premiere on E4 in the UK before being streamed globally outside the UK on Netflix.

The series tells the story of Leila, a lonely 17 year old girl who is addicted to a fictional online gaming site called Agora. While in Agora, Leila meets Tess, a cool and confident party girl who harbours a dark secret. In the real world, the two girls become friends, but after Tess disappears Leila decides to assume her friend’s identity and in doing so is quickly drawn into unravelling the mystery behind her disappearance.

The series will combine live action with computer-generated virtual world sequences to create the parallel worlds of Leila and Tess’ real life and that of their online alteregos ‘Shadowfax’ and ‘Mania’ in the virtual world of Agora.

It will also feature state of the art animation sequences evoking the world of Agora and the stories of the young people who meet clandestinely there. This virtual world alongside live action narrative will provide a platform for exploring the loneliness and isolation experienced by young people and the disparity between appearance and reality in the social media age.

Of the new commissions, Channel 4’s Head of Drama Piers Wenger said,“I’m delighted to be announcing a slate of brand new series for Channel 4 and E4. 2016 and 17 will see a consistent presence of topical, entertaining drama across the schedule and I’m excited to be working with a range of co-production partners to make these ambitious new series.

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