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Did we like it?

Iesu H Grist! (Or Jesus H Christ for the non-Welsh speakers) ‘Our Char’ tries to jump the chasm between singer and chat show presenter/ actress and doesn’t even make it halfway – falling into the abyss created by a mostly diabolical concept and script. A poor man’s Friday Night Project, this needs to make a quantum leap in quality if we’re to watch much more of it.

What was good about it?

• The parts where Charlotte was ad-libbing worked much better than the scripted bits.

• Comedian Michael McIntyre did his best with the paparazzi shots of celebrities on holiday.

• Charlotte’s duet with The Feeling to close the show reminded you of how good she is at her day job.

• CCTV – though a rip-off of Ant and Dec’s antics in prosthetics – proved by far the funniest part as Charlotte posed as a man on a speed-dating evening. Playing a crass black DJ with a terrible line in chat-up, the looks on the faces of the girls ‘he’ was chatting up were hilarious – as was their shock when Charlotte eventually revealed herself.

• Simon Greenall from I’m Alan Partridge is always worth watching – he earned his money as Jones the Voiceover Man.

What was bad about it?

• The show ‘borrowed’ concepts wholesale from the Friday Night Project. ‘Hwyl and Grwys’ a frankly bizarre spoof of Will & Grace was a rip-off of Allan and Justin’s dream sequences on the FNP. Eric McCormack proved the butt (you see? it’s catching!) of much post-modern ‘humour’ based on a gay man working in a Welsh coal mine. Think of the crassest joke you can derive from that scenario – it was almost certainly in there.

• As well as lifting ideas wholesale from the FNP, Charlotte also seemed to have adopted Allan Carr’s mannerisms.

• ‘What we learned this week’ proved an excruciating rehash of the week’s headlines as read by Charlotte, Michael McIntyre and an extremely rough looking Denise van Outen.

• “Celeb-u-date”, a sketch starring Charlotte as Heather Mills and Denise as a dating agency owner was as funny as root canal work.

• Charlotte’s clumsy way with the autocue.

• Though the initial idea of ‘bigging-up’ Wales at every turn started as an amusing aside, it became tired very quickly. Especially during the lamentable ‘Wales vs the World’ talent contest, when a juggling police woman lost out to whipcracking experts Western Spaghetti. Yes, we know that it was supposed to be a pisstake, but it wasn’t remotely funny.

Friday 23 February 2007

Did we like it?

It’s not a must-see like The Friday Night Project, but Charlotte manages to be entertaining throughout.

What was good about it?

• The chat was Billie Piper was intimate and interesting.

• The hidden camera stunt was painful, but fun, as Charlotte made a best man deliver a cringeworthy speech to an embarrassed audience.

• Charlotte may not have a clue who Danny Baker is (he’s a broadcasting legend, love) but she’s in tune with the Heat! generation, with jokes (some feeble) about the size of Daniel Radcliffe’s magic wand (a court artist was employed to sketch the star naked in his West End play) and a gallery of knickerless celebs.

• McFly were on, duetting with Charlotte

What was bad about it?

• We preferred the old theme tune.

• As in series one, the quality of the scripted material isn’t good enough.

• Gwen Stefani is so overrated. She certainly didn’t deserve Charlotte’s gushing praise: “You look absolutely fabulous in your video, you’ve been a wonderful guest, you look absolutely beautiful.”

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