The Colin And Edith Show, BBC3

by | Mar 24, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

This was funny, entertaining late night TV with great music. It has a few teething problems, but definitely shows promise.

What was good about it?

• The excellent live music performances. The Zutons performed You Will You Won’t, Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love and It’s The Little Things We Do, while We Are Scientists performed It’s A Hit and The Great Escape. These were the best live music performances we’ve seen on TV for a long time.

• The mini-rockumentary on pretty decent Green Day tribute band Greenish Day, fronted by 32-year-old postman Jay Stone. His band had gone to lengths to reproduce Green Day’s guitars, right down to the stickers, and managed to sell out a 600 ticket gig in Southampton.

• The ‘Everything You Need To Know In About A Minute’ guides to The Ramones and Kate Bush, for the benefit of people who only buy Ramones T-shirts to look cool and for people who’ve only heard Wuthering.

• With tickets for T In The Park going for three grand on Ebay at the moment, they offered two free tickets to the sold out festival to the first person who would bring them a cup of tea in the park. Not bad for the price of a cup of tea.

• Likeable comedian Dave Gorman. He talked about his obsessive compulsive disorder (one technique he uses to cope with it is to balance rocks) and how he likes to collect fridge magnets.

• We Are Scientists were entertaining interviewees, especially frontman Keith Murray. He stated that an £8 bottle of wine “smelt like a cougar’s undercarriage” and that Chas’n’Dave were “wiser than their combined 125 years”.

• The relaxed, informal atmosphere.

What was bad about it?

• Seeing as this was called The Colin And Edith Show,Radio 1’s Murray and Bowman didn’t make much of a mark.

• The pointless discussion about “really shit TV”, especially the clips of some bizarre show called Dog The Bounty Hunter and yet another airing of the ancient clip of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt walking into a drum kit on Top Of The Pops.

• Craig, the We Are Scientists fan who recited a terrible poem about the band (one line was ‘I felt like this when I sicked up in bed’).

• The Chas’n’Dave- Agony Uncles sketch. Boring and irritating.

• On the whole, it was a bit messy. A daft game about valueing wine fell apart, the non-music related segments stuck out like a sore thumb, and they practically ignored The Zutons when they had them on the couch. We couldn’t blame them for looking bored.

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