All the shows we know to be coming to terrestrial TV and Sky channels.

Funny Woman Thursday 9th February 2023 Sky Max

A young woman from Blackpool finds her voice in the male-dominated world of the1960s comedy, and in doing so takes London by storm. Gemma Arterton stars as Barbara Parker – a Blackpool Beauty queen with dreams of making it in London. It turns out London is not as quite as swinging as the one she expected, but after a series of setbacks, Barbara finds her uncompromising northern wit is her secret weapon, and she becomes a surprise hit with audiences in a new sitcom that will have an impact on British comedy for decades to come. Based on the Nick Hornby novel ‘Funny Girl’ starring David Threlfall and Rupert Everett.

The Gold February 2023 BBC One

Six-part drama based on the Brinks-Mat Robbery written by Neil Forsyth. Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, Charlotte Spencer, Sean Harris and Stefanie Martini are confirmed to star.

Django Friday 17th February 2023 Sky Atlantic

A high concept retelling of the classic Western Django (loosely based on the Sergio Corbucci feature film). Award-winning Matthias Schoenaerts plays the mysterious gunfighter Django,  joined by  Noomi Rapace, Nicholas Pinnock and Lisa Vicari. After the Civil War, John Ellis has founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts, full of men and women of all backgrounds, races, and creeds, that welcomes everyone with open arms. Haunted by the murder of his family eight years earlier, Django is still looking for his daughter Sarah, relieving she may have survived the killing. He is shocked to find her in New Babylon, about to marry John. But Sarah, now a grown woman, wants Django to leave, as she holds him accountable for their family’s slaughter after he left to join the War. However, Django is adamant that he will not lose his daughter twice and decides to stay, siding John in the fight against his enemy: the Lady.

Endeavour February 2023 ITV – Ninth and final series of the Inspector Morse prequel starring Shaun Evans and Roger Allam.

Unforgotten February 2023  ITV

Fifth series of the cold case crime drama starring Sanjeev Bhaskar and Sinéad Keenan who will star as Sunny’s new police partner DCI Jessica James. Jess’s first case is the discovery of human remains in a newly renovated period property in Hammersmith, London. But how long have they been there and is this a murder dating back to the 1930’s or has the body been disposed of in more recent times? As the murder mystery unfolds, we’ll explore the lives of several central characters. The cast for series 5 includes Rhys Yates, Ian McElhinney and Max Rinehart. The full series will be available on ITVX following the transmission of episode one. 

Starstruck February 2023  ITV – Second series of the talent show where members of the public are transformed into music icons. Olly Murs returns as host with the Country Music star Shaina Twain joining the judging panel to replace Sheridan Smith. Adam Lambert, Beverley Knight and Jason Manford will also return.

The Diplomat February 2023  Alibi – Six-part crime drama from Ben Richards which follows Laura Simmonds and her Barcelona Consul colleague and friend Alba Ortiz as they fight to protect British nationals who find themselves in trouble in the Catalan city. Mixing the roles of lawyer, counsellor and cop, Laura and Alba’s diplomatic skills are stretched to the limit by the stream of cases that walk through the Consul’s doors.

Drift Thursday 2nd March 2023 Sky Atlantic – German drama centring on a pair of detective brothers who, after a disastrous police operation, are forced to work together despite being estranged for decades. As they find themselves at the centre of an international conspiracy, the brothers find themselves in an   exhaustive search for the truth, travelling from the remote valleys of the Bavarian Alps, to the narrow street canyons of Athens, to the dry dirt tracks of the Peloponnese.

Succession Monday 27th March 2023 Sky Atlantic – Fourth season of the award-winning US drama from Jesse Armstrong that centres around the fictional Roy family.

Grace March 2023 ITV1 – Third series of the crime drama led by John Simm.

The Bay March 2023 ITV1 – Fourth series of the crime drama set in Morecombe and starring Marsha Thomason as Family Liaison Office DS Jenn Townsend, alongside Daniel Ryan, Erin Shanagher, Thomas Law and Andrew Dowbiggin.

Grantchester March 2023 ITV1 – Eighth series of the religious-based crime series starring Robson Greene.

Inside No.9 Spring 2023 BBC Two

Series eight of the darkly comic anthology from Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith. Guest stars this series include Robin Askwith, Anita Dobson, Matthew Horne, Amanda Abbington and Asim Chaudhry

The 1% Club 2023 ITV – Second series of the game show hosted by Lee Mack.

Alan Must Win E4 – Reality show in which a larger-than-life cast complete in a popularity contest set inside a unique environment. Whilst these contestants are busy competing for popularity they are unware that there is a group of celebrities living next door doing everything they can to ensure that underdog Alan wins the game. The celebrities will do whatever they can to control the game by setting tasks, introducing jaw-dropping format twists, mastering the art of manipulation and using all they have learnt about reality shows and being liked to ensure Alan’s triumph.

Alma’s Not Normal BBC Two – Series two of the BAFTA-winning comedy from Sophie Willan.

Alone 2023 Channel 4 – Reality format that sees ten contestants dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where each must survive entirely alone. They’ll be equipped with only a handful of basic tools and must film their adventure themselves. They’ll battle the elements, loneliness and wild animals including bears, moose and wolverines, in a trial of skill, mental strength and resilience. Whoever lasts the longest will win £100,000.

Am I Being Unreasonable? BBC One – Second series of Daisy May Cooper’s dark comedy.

And Just Like That 2023 Sky Comedy – Second season of the Sex and The City reboot.

And Then You Run  Sky Max – Comedy-drama. A close-knit group of rebellious London schoolgirls open the door to chaos when a spontaneous getaway to Rotterdam descends into a race across Europe with five kilos of heroin and a gun in their luggage. Tara (Leah McNamara) and her childhood friends – reckless Stink (Vivian Oparah), bright Ruth (Yasmin MonetPrince) and fearful Nessi (Isidora Fairhurst) – are hunted across the continent by her uncle Reagan, a notorious gangster determined to find his missing cache of drugs. But he isn’t the only one they should fear – all the while a terrifying and mythical serial killer known only as ‘The Traveller’ is on a collision course with them all.

Annika 2023 Alibi – Second series of the crime drama starring Nicola Walker as DI Annika Strandhed, the leader of the specialist Marine Homicide Unit (MHU) that is tasked with investigating the unexplained, brutal, and seemingly unfathomable murders that wash up in the waterways of Scotland. Through the series, Annika makes the audience her confidante by breaking the fourth wall and sharing her wry observations on the case and her life, as she manages her brilliant yet unconventional team, and her equally brilliant yet complex teenage daughter.

Archie ITV – Written by Jeff Pope, this four-part drama that will tell the true life story of Hollywood’s leading man Cary Grant. Jason Isaacs will star as Grant.  Harriet Walter and Laura Aikman feature in supporting roles. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Before We Die 2023 Channel 4 – Second series of the crime drama based on the Danish series of the same name starring Lesley Sharp.

Best Interests 2023 BBC One – Four-part drama from Jack Thorne which tells the story of a family driven apart by having to make choices no parent would ever want to make. Andrew and Nicci’s daughter, Marnie, has a life-threatening condition. The doctors believe it is in her best interests to be allowed to die, but her loving family disagree. And so begins a fight that will take them through every stage of a legal process, as they struggle to contemplate this huge decision. Who decides? And in whose best interests will it be? Sharon Horgan and Michael Sheen are confirmed to star as Andrew and Nicci. The supporting cast includes Lisa McGrills, Noma Dumezweni, Pipa Haywood and Chizzy Akudolu.

Better 2023 BBC One – Six-part drama from From the writers of Humans, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, The series is a redemption story set in Leeds, using the landscape of the city and surrounding countryside as a backdrop to what becomes an epic battle for one woman’s soul. After a family tragedy is narrowly averted, a corrupt police detective undergoes a painful moral awakening and decides to put right 20 years of wrongdoing – but satisfying her newfound conscience won’t be straightforward. She slowly realises that her redemption will only be complete once she brings down the powerful gangster she has worked for all this time, a man she helped rise to power, and has come to love like a brother. Leila Farzad and Andrew Buchan will lead the cast.

Beyond Paradise 2023 BBC One – Death in Paradise spin-off as Kris Marshall’s Humphrey Goodman accompanies fiancée Martha Lloyd to her quite hometown of Shipton Abbott and joins the local police force. There he helps a somewhat eclectic team to crack a host of baffling cases.

Big Boys 2023 Channel 4 – Second series of Jack Rooke’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age comedy starring Dylan Llewellyn

Big Brother 2023 ITV2 – Return of the beloved reality format.

Black-Ops 2023 BBC One – Six-part comedy-thriller created by Famalam alumni Gbemisola Ikumelo and Akemnji Ndifornyen. The series focuses on Dom and Kay who join the met police but quickly find themselves thrust into the world of deep-cover infiltration.

Blue Lights 2023 BBC One – Six-part drama from the writers of The Salisbury Poisonings centred around rookie (probationary) police officers working in contemporary Belfast, a city in which being a frontline response cop comes with a unique set of pressures and dangers. As they learn the basics of their profession, our new officers have to come to terms with a constant threat. Siân Brooke, Richard Dormer, Martin McCann, Katherine Devlin, John Lynch, Jonathan Harden and newcomer Nathan Braniff are confirmed to star.

Boat Story BBC Two – Written by Jack and Harry Williams, this six-part drama sees Daisy Haggard and Patterson Joseph play Janet and Samuel; two hard-up strangers who stumble across a haul of cocaine on a shipwrecked boat, agree to sell it and split the cash. However, they quickly find themselves entangled with the police, masked hitmen and Tcheky Karyo’s sharp-suited gangster known only as ‘The Tailor.’ Joanna Scanlan, Phil Daniels and Craig Fairbrass also feature amongst the cast.

Boiling Point BBC One – Five-part drama series following on from the story told in the critically-acclaimed film of the same name. The series will see Vinette Robinson’s Carly as head chef of her own restaurant whilst Stephen Graham will reprise his role of Andy.

Brassic 2023 Sky Max – Fifth series of the comedy drama.

Breeders 2023 Sky Comedy – Fourth series of the comedy starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard.

But When We Dance BBC One – Single drama from Vicar of Dibley writer Paul Mayhew-Archer about two people who fall in love at a ballet class for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Challenge Anneka 2023 Channel 5 – Four-part reboot of the popular ’80s show fronted by Anneka Rice. Anneka and her team of volunteers will be tackling some epic new challenges, responding to the new set of problems that people are facing. The series will shine the light on everyday heroes and deserving communities at a time when they’ve never needed help more. Across the series, the team will meet a wide range of inspirational people who will help Anneka move heaven and earth to achieve these challenges.

Champion 2023 BBC One – Drama series from Candice Carty-Williams, the award-winning writer of Sunday Times bestseller Queenie, Champion tells the story of what happens when fame collides with family. Bosco Champion. The golden boy of the Champion family and a UK rap sensation before he was jailed is home from prison, and he’s ready to dominate the music industry once more. Since she can remember, his younger sister Vita has been his personal assistant, running around after him, getting him out of trouble and hiding his various misdemeanours. But when Vita’s own talent is discovered by Bosco’s rival, Belly, she steps out of her brother’s shadow to become a performer in her own right, setting the Champion siblings against one another in their quest to both reach the top spot in the charts, and to be the star of the family. Even their parents, soundman turned radio DJ Beres and nineties R&B one hit wonder Aria, can’t stop Bosco and Vita from splitting the Champion family down the middle as they go head to head in a very public and messy battle. In fact, it might be in their best interests to keep Bosco and Vita apart….

The Change 2023 Channel 4 – Six-part comedy from stand up Bridget Christie will play Linda, a 50-year-old working-class married mother of two who is having an existential crisis. Who is she? What is she? Is this it? Convinced she’s got early onset dementia after forgetting what a shoe is called, Linda’s GP informs her it is, in fact, the menopause. Feeling invigorated and empowered by this information, Linda decides to claw back some of the time she’s spent doing ‘invisible work’ over the years (not all 3.5 million minutes, just 131,500 of them) to do something for herself… for a change. Dusting off her old Triumph motorbike that she hasn’t ridden in 30 years, Linda sets off alone to the spectacular wilderness of The Forest of Dean – in search of an identity, a purpose, and a tree she climbed as a child. Along the way, she meets an array of eccentric locals, including the infamous Eel Sisters, an angry local radio presenter and a mysterious man who lives in the woods with the wild boar. What could possibly go wrong?

The Chris and Rosie Ramsay Show 2023 BBC  Two – Second series of the chat show fronted by the married couple.

The Cleaner 2023 BBC One – Second series of the comedy starring Greg Davies.

COBRA: Rebellion 2023 Sky Max – Third series of the high octane drama starring Robert Carlyle as a fictional Prime Minister.

The Confessions of Frannie Langton ITV – Four-part drama series based on the debut novel by Sara Collins who has adapted her story for the screen. Karla Simone-Spencer stars in the lead role as the drama’s young protagonist, who has been born into a life of slavery and his desperate to tell her story. Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore and Steven MacIntosh are also set to star. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Count Abdulla 2023 ITV – Six-part comedy starring Arian Nik as Abdulla Khan, a mid-twenties British-Pakistani Muslim doctor stuck in an identity crisis, caught between his religious mother and his secular, hedonistic friends. But when Abdulla is bitten by a vampire he suddenly becomes the outsider’s outsider.  Jamie Winstone will co-star. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm 2023 Sky Comedy – Larry David’s celebrated improvised comedy has been confirmed for its twelfth season.

The Curse 2023 Channel 4 – Second series of the comedy from Tom Davis set in the ’80s. The second series joins the gang eighteen months after the dramatic airport escape, arrest, and murderous ending of the first series. It’s 1985 with Albert Tash, and Sidney, now residing in the sunny Costa Del Sol, recently dubbed the Costa Del Crime, a safe haven for UK criminals during this period due to the lack of extradition treaty between the British and Spanish governments meaning they were totally untouchable. Albert and Tash have invested the money from the gold in a dream restaurant and hotel business, whilst Sidney under the new alias ‘Andrew’ runs a bar on the beach. Meanwhile, Big Mick is in prison awaiting trial, very much enjoying the fame that follows now being officially associated with the biggest gold heist in history and Phil ‘The Captain’ Pocket, is dead. In the shadows, frustrated Detectives Saunders and Thread, who are powerless to make arrests, have no choice but to go deep undercover in Spain to gather evidence on the whereabouts of the golden haul.

Dalgleish 2023 Channel 5 – Further series of the crime drama

Dance School 2023 Channel 4 -Created by Theresa Ikoko and Lisa this drama follows an eclectic group of dance students as they navigate the intense highs and lows of coming of age in today’s complex world – captured through stories which are as joyful and funny as they are raw and truthful, brought viscerally to life via irresistible dance choreography. Teacher Jackie – dynamic, determined, tough but passionate – heads up the Saturday class at the LAH and brings together our core friendship gang and dance ensemble: Puppy, Kobby, Liam, Tim, Francesca, Tash & Nohail– each of them unique, emotionally-complicated, independently-minded and trying to make their way in the world. The drama series will champion characters who have been meticulously workshopped (with support from the Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF)) and inspired by true stories from inner-city Leeds.

Day of the Jackal Sky Atlantic  – Contemporary reimagining of Frederick Forsyth’s seminal thriller. Whist remaining true to the DNA of the original story, the series delves deeper into the chameleon like ‘anti-hero’ at the heart of the story, in a high octane, cinematic, globetrotting ‘cat and mouse’ thriller, set amidst the turbulent geo-political landscape of our time.

Desire  ITV – Five-part drama which focuses on Leia, who is just about managing to hold her life together in the face of a messy divorce when she finds herself falling in love with an intensity she’s never experienced before. It’s the wrong man at the wrong time but Leia can’t give the relationship up. Desire looks at what happens when a passion is so powerful it starts to jeopardise your job, your home, and even your kids…

DI Ray ITV – Second series of the crime drama starring Parminder Nagra.

Doctor Who November 2023 BBC One  – David Tennant returns to the role of The Doctor for three specials leading up to Ncuti Gatwa taking over the role.

Dreamland Sky Max -Based on Sky’s 2018 BAFTA-winning short of the same name, which was written by Sharon Horgan, Dreamland is a comedy-drama about secrets, lies, loves and aspirations within a family of four sisters. Set in the sun-drenched British seaside town of Margate, it is a dark comedic exploration of multi-generational female relationships, and their (somewhat dysfunctional) family dynamics. Eldest sister Trish (Freema Agyeman) is pregnant for the third time with her partner Spence (Kiell Smith- Bynoe). And this time, she’s decided: it’s going to be a girl. Her two sisters Clare (Gabby Best) and Leila (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) rally around her with their mum (Frances Barber) and their Margate- legend nan (Sheila Reid), “manifesting” a little girl at Trish’s ‘mani-festival’. But when their other sister, Mel (Lilly Allen), makes an unexpected reappearance back into their lives, her return threatens to destabilise the entire family. A knock on their door and their ‘Dreamland’ is no more… The series also features a guest star appearance from Samantha Bond as Orla.

Dreaming While Black 2023 BBC Three – Six-part comedy loosely inspired by real-events which follows aspiring filmmaker Kwabena (Adjani Salmon) in and out of reality as he tries to make it in “Babylon.” The problem is he’s broke, Black and born into a Jamaican family who wishes he was an accountant.

The Elephant Man BBC One – Two-part dramatisation of John Merrick’s extraordinary story, from birth to death written by Neil McKay and starring Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton in the lead role.

Englistan BBC Two – Nine-part drama series created by Riz Ahmed exploring three generations of the same Pakistani family over four decades as they attempt to settle in England.

Entitled 2023 Channel 4 – Eight-part comedy starring Fleabag’s Brett Gelman in the lead role. Entitled follows Gabe, a conniving American widower who posthumously must get to know The Beaucrofts, his British wife’s eccentric estranged family, in their crumbling gothic mansion in the English countryside. As Gabe’s search for closure and truth reveal a newly inherited fortune, each family member’s ambition comes to a head.

Euphoria 2024 Sky Atlantic – Third season of the US drama centred on a group of high schoolers and led by drug addict Rue Bennett.

The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies 2023 BBC One – Six-part thriller that tells the story of two very different women and the conman they have in common; a dark, funny, and unpredictable thriller about three remarkable characters trapped in a triangle of epic proportions. Alice is a formidable PA, a single mother, and a lifelong Madonna fan. Caroline is a bestselling fantasy author who, recently bereaved, now lives alone with her toy poodle, Goblin. Rob is an eccentric and celebrated ecopreneur… who may or may not be trying to destroy them both.

The Gallow’s Pole 2023 BBC One – Period drama from This is England writer/creator Shane Meadows in his first BBC drama. The series is on the novel of the same name by Benjamin Myers and fictionalises the remarkable true story of the rise and fall of David Hartley and the Cragg Vale Coiners. Set against the backdrop of the coming industrial revolution in eighteenth-century Yorkshire, the compelling drama follows the enigmatic David Hartley, as he assembles a gang of weavers and land-workers to embark upon a revolutionary criminal enterprise that will capsize the economy and become the biggest fraud in British history. Michael Socha, Thomas Turgoose, George MacKay, Tom Burke, Sophie McShera, Cara Theobold, Yusra Warsama, Eve Burley, Nicole Barber Lane, Samuel Edward-Cook, Anthony Welsh, Joe Sproulle, Adam Fogerty, Fine Time Fontayne are confirmed to star.

The Gathering 2023 Channel 4 – Six-part drama from Helen Walsh that centres around Kelly, who is the victim of a violent attack at a rave.  Set on Merseyside, the drama focuses on a group of teens from disparate backgrounds, each of whom could have committed the crime, along with their parents – who give equal cause for suspicion.

Gaynor and Ray BBC One – One-off Comedy Playhouse pilot starring Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones as a newly-married couple on their honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands.

Get Millie Black Channel 4 – Six-part crime noir following the inimitable Millie-Jean Black, a police detective forced to quit Scotland Yard and return home to Jamaica, where she’s soon pursuing a missing persons case that threatens to expose more than she may be willing to confront. Tamara Lawrance will star as the title character Millie with Joe Dempsie, Gershwyn Eustache Jnr and Chyna McQueen confirmed to star.

Ghosts BBC One – Fifth series of the popular sitcom

Gladiators 2023 BBC One – Reboot of the ’90s hit.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder 2023 BBC Three – Six-part drama based on Holly Jackson’s best-selling novel. Five years ago, schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it. But Pippa Fitz-Amobi – our insatiably smart, slightly square heroine – isn’t so sure and she’s determined to prove it. But if Sal Singh isn’t a murderer and the real killer is still out there, how far will they go to keep Pippa from the truth?

Gordon’s Future Food Stars 2023 BBC One – Second series of the Apprentice-style reality series where Gordon Ramsay puts chefs through their paces to earn an investment into their business.

The Great British Bake-Off 2023 and beyond Channel 4 – Two more series of the competition show.

Great Expectations BBC One – Six-part adaptation of the Dickens classic from Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight. The cast includes Olivia Colman as Miss Havisham and Fionn Whitehead as Pip, alongside Ashley Thomas, Johnny Harris, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Hayley Squires, Owen McDonnell, Trystan Gravelle and Matt Berry. Great Expectations is the coming-of-age story of an orphan nicknamed Pip. Dickens first released it in a series of weekly chapters beginning in December 1860 before it was subsequently published as a novel.

Guilt 2023 BBC Two – Third and final series of Neil Forsyth’s darkly comic series which will bring brothers Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake (Jamie Sives) together again for one final adventure full of the trademark twists and turns that the series has become famed for. As they return to Scotland, it becomes apparent the welcome they receive isn’t as warm or as straightforward as they might have hoped. As they battle threats both old and new, it remains to be seen whether they get the happy ending they crave or whether life conspires against them one more time.

House of the Dragon 2023 Sky Atlantic – Second season of The Game of Thrones prequel based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood.”

Hullraisers 2023 Channel 4 – Second series of the domestic sitcom from Lucy Beaumont.

The Hunt For Raoul Moat 2023 ITV –  Lee Ingleby stars in this true-life drama that shines a light on the human tragedies that lay behind Britain’s biggest manhunt, told through the eyes of those who sought to bring a violent killer to justice. The drama focuses on the innocent victims of Moat’s crimes – Christopher Brown, Samantha Stobbart and PC David Rathband; the police officers who put themselves in the firing line in their quest to apprehend Moat; and the local journalist who sought to tell Moat’s real story in a landscape of sensationalist reporting and social media provocation. The series will be written by Anne screenwriter Kevin Sampson.

I.D 2023 Channel 4 – Eight-part mystery thriller that centres on Emily; a young deaf woman, who witnesses a neighbour taking pictures of her. This leads her to explore what she might have done to warrant this unwanted attention, while simultaneously beginning a dance with a stranger that is as exhilarating as it is dangerous. I.D. is a love letter to being deaf – placing Emily on a hair-raising collision course with her past. Actress Genevieve Barr will star in the lead role and has written the series.

I Kissed a Boy 2023 BBC Three – Eight-part reality series that follows ten single men as they head to Europe to find their Mr Right, and it all starts with a kiss. But, in this show where preconceptions will be challenged and dramatic decisions made, everyone is a possible love interest. Over the course of the series we’ll find out whose spark will ignite, whose eyes might wander, and who will end up together in the ultimate summer of love. Dannii Minogue has signed on to host.

Inside No.9 2024 BBC Two – The ninth and final series of the anthology series.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2023 – Series Three of the decorating show fronted by the  comedian.

Jerk BBC Three – Third series of  Tim Renkow’s black comedy which revolves around the character of Tim, a man who uses the fact that he has cerebral palsy to try and get away with anything. Tim makes people feel uncomfortable.

Joan ITV – This 1980s-set six-part drama tells the story of notorious jewel thief Joan Hannington and stars Sophie Turner in the lead role. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV2 at a later date. 

Julia 2023 Sky Atlantic – Second series of the US series starring Sarah Lancashire as beloved TV cook Julia Child.

The Last Woman on Earth with Sara Pascoe BBC Two – Second series of the travelogue where, in  a bid to become a living filing cabinet of lost skills, Sara Pascoe visits Greece, Denmark and Jordan to take on some unique jobs set for extinction

Litvinenko ITV – Four-part drama focusing on the Met Police investigation into the death of KCB officer Alexander Litvinenko from polonium poisoning. Written by George Kay, the drama will star David Tennant as Litvinenko alongside Mark Bonnar and Neil Maskell in supporting roles. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Louis Theroux Interviews… BBC Two – Second series of the documentarian’s conversations with famous subjects.

Magpie Murders BBC One – Originally shown on Britbox; this six-part murder mystery series stars as editor-turned sleuth Susan Ryland and Timothy McMullan as famous literary detective Atticus Atticus Pünd. Adapted by Anthony Horrowitz from his own novels, the cast also includes Daniel Mays, Michael Maloney Conleth Hill and Claire Rushbrook.

Malpractice 2023 ITV – Niamh Algar stars in this drama as Dr Lucinda Edwards whose nightmare shift ends in the death of an opioid overdose victim, Edith Owusu. Despite the support of her medical supervisor, Dr Leo Harris, played by James Purefoy, Edith’s grieving father Sir Anthony Owusu, played by Brian Bovell demands an enquiry into Lucinda’s actions on the fateful night. Leading the medical investigation are Dr Norma Callahan played by Helen Behan  and Lucinda’s former colleague, Dr George Adjei, played by Jordan Kouamé  While George feels this was an unavoidable tragedy, Norma is suspicious of Lucinda’s behaviour and decisions in the lead-up to Edith’s death. The Five-part series also stars Hannah Walters and is written by Grace Ofori-Attah.

Man Like Mobeen 2023 BBC Three – Final series of the comedy starring Guz Khan.

Mary & George 2023 Sky Atlantic – Eight-part series written by DC Moore and starring Julianne Moore as Mary Villiers who moulded her beautiful son, George, to seduce King James I and become his all-powerful lover. Through outrageous scheming, the pair rose from humble beginnings to become the richest, most titled, and influential mother and son England had ever seen.

Maryland 2023 ITV – Three-part relationship drama from new screenwriter Anne-Marie O’Connor who co-created the series with actress Suranne Jones who will star. The story centres around sisters Becca and Rosaline, who have forged ahead with family lives and careers, growing distant through time and circumstance. But when the body of an older woman is discovered at sunrise on Laxey Beach in the Isle of Man, it brings devastating news for the sisters. Each sister flies out to the Isle of Man to discover and repatriate the body of their mother, Mary, who they learn has been living a double life, leaving their father Richard at home in Manchester, whilst creating another world for herself….. Maryland.

Master of Ceremonies (w/t) BBC Two – Six-part factual entertainment series which sees six fledgling wedding planners fight it out to be crowned Britain’s next big wedding guru. Each week the planners will work together to help couples whose nuptials have been hindered by lockdown. However, they face elimination if the panel of experts deem that they haven’t pulled their weight that week.

Moonflower Murders BBC One – Spin-off to Magpie Murders in which Lesley Manville and Timothy McMullen reprise their roles.

My Brilliant Friend 2023 Sky Atlantic – Fourth and final series of the Italian series based on the acclaimed novels from Elena Ferrante.

Naked Education Channel 4 – Naked Education is a body-positive, educational series aiming to normalise all body types, champion people’s differences and break down stereotypes. Hosted by Anna Richardson.

The Nevers 2023 Sky Atlantic – The Victorian-era superhuman drama continues with the second part of The Nevers first season. Laura, Donnelly, Rochelle Neil, Tom Riley, Ben Chaplin and Nick Frost star.

Nolly ITV – Three-part drama from Russell T Davies starring Helena-Bonham Carter as legendary actress Noele Garden who was the darling of the TV establishment until it turned on her and betrayed her. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Payback 2023 ITV – Six-part thriller starring Morven Christie as Lexie Noble, who becomes entangled in a perilous police operation to topple a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris, played by Peter Mullan

Passenger 2023 ITV – Six-part horror-comedy created by actor Andrew Buchan. Former Met Police Detective Riya Ajunwa has been searching for that ‘one big crime’, that one challenge that will make her feel alive again. Then one night local girl, Katie Wells is mysteriously abducted. Her car is found abandoned and there are traces of blood on the seats. But the village barely has time to register Katie’s disappearance before she reappears the next day, safe and sound. The rest of the villagers ask few questions and life resumes as normal. But for Riya, a relative outsider to the Chadder Vale way of life, none of this sits right. As a series of strange happenings and increasingly horrific crimes start unfolding within the village, the residents start resorting to short-sighted theories and blaming outside influences. Riya fights hard to convince the villagers that all is not as it seems. And before long she is drawn into a universe, unlike anything she has ever seen. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

People vs The Post Office  ITV – Four-part drama telling the true-life story of the postal workers who were wrongly jailed for embezzling money from the Royal Mail. The script will be written by Gwyneth Hughes.

Perry Mason 2023 Sky Atlantic – Second season of the lawyer’s origin story starring Matthew Rhys.

Platform 7 ITV – Haunting thriller from Paula Milne, adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by Louise Doughty. The drama tells the story of  Lisa who, after witnessing a cataclysmic event on platform 7 of a railway station, finds her own fragmented memory jogged to reveal a connection between her own life and that of the event she has just witnessed. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Project Icon BBC Three – Six-part music competition where Jason Derulo, his manager Frank Harris and Becky Hill invite eight aspiring recording artists to compete against each other to see whether they have got what it takes to transform from a bedroom singer into an all-round music star in just a few weeks.

Queen of Oz 2023 BBC One – Six-part comedy starring Catherine Tate as Princess Georgina, the black sheep of a fictional British Royal Family.

Queenie Channel 4 – Eight-part adaptation of Candy Cartice-Williams’s hit novel.

Race Across the World 2023 BBC One – The travel competition series returns for a third series which will see five teams of two race across an entire continent. Starting out at the very edge of the Pacific in Vancouver – the teams will travel over 16,000 kilometres across six time zones all at ground level to the finish line perched on the rugged Atlantic coast, North America’s most easterly city – St John’s Newfoundland without using air travel or internet devices.

Rain Dogs 2023 BBC One – Eight-part drama from Cash Carraway.  Inspired by her book Skint Estate, the series is billed as a wild and punky tale of being trapped below the poverty line and doing everything it takes to escape. Daisy May Cooper (This Country) stars as a young working-class single mum living with her ten-year-old daughter in the brutal lonely landscape of austerity Britain. Told with a dark lick of humour and an anarchic attitude, Cash Carraway skewers stereotypes of what it means to be working class and underlines the importance of love, dreams and friendships. Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo, Jack Farthing and Fleur Tashjian co-star.

The Real Rude Puppet Show *Working Title* 2023 Channel 4 – Mel Giedroyc invites a different celebrity to read an erotic piece of creative writing where the celeb is the lead protagonist. Each character in the story is brought to life by a band of puppets voiced entirely by the celebrity and Mel.

The Reckoning *Working Title* BBC One – Factual drama that will trace the life of Jimmy Savile, a man who rose from working-class origins to become one of the biggest stars of British television, but in death has become one of the most reviled figures of modern history. The story will trace Savile through his early years in the dance halls of northern England, his career with the BBC, to his twilight years when, in failing health and with his fame in decline, he sought to dispel the growing rumours about his life and the legacy he would leave behind. Steve Coogan is set to play Savile.

The Responder BBC One 2023 – Second series of the Liverpool-set crime drama starring Martin Freeman.

Reunion Hotel BBC Two – Alex Jones oversees this new series which sees people reunited with someone from their past whether it be romantic reunions, emotional homecomings or the ex-pupil reunited with the teacher who changed his life.

Riches  ITV – Six-part drama focusing on Stephen Richards, a successful and smart businessman, who always gets his own way. After 20 years of success, Stephen’s at the helm of his multi-million-pound cosmetics empire and is reaping the rewards of his business acumen and ambitions. He’s a great advocate for black-owned business, powerful, driven and impassioned, and with a glamourous, younger second wife, Claudia, life is never dull. Along with their adult children, Alesha, Gus and Wanda they love spending their hard-earned cash. The Richards are all about the good life and they’ve earnt it. Created and written by Abby Ajayi. The cast will feature Deborah Ayorinde, Hugh Quarshie, Sarah Niles, Brendan Coyle and Hermione Norris. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Ripley Sky Atlantic – Series based on the books and the film The Talented Mr Ripley. Andrew Scott will play the charismatic conman.

Rise & Fall 2023 Channel 4 – New reality format that will follow ordinary British people, from all walks of life and ages, who find themselves as a have or a have-not, either in a position of power or as part of the powerless, as inequality is explored over 18 stripped episodes. The show is set in a glamorous Succession-like world, with the powerful living in an opulent penthouse and everyone else living in a basement workplace. Through a series of games and challenges, those in power will be responsible for making decisions which affect those who have none, whilst those without power will have to compete to build favour with those at the top.  In a unique game packed with drama, betrayal and power plays, players will have opportunities to rise and fall, from having everything to having nothing. The cash prize starts at zero and only builds if challenges devised by those in power are completed by those who are not. Those at the bottom must find a way to make it to the top, as only the most powerful and influential can win the game.

Romantic Getaway 2023 Sky Max – Six-part modern Bonnie and Clyde story mixing classic romantic comedy moments with high octane, thrilling set-pieces starring Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan. Allison and Deacon are desperate for a baby, but they’ve run out of money to fund any more IVF treatment. So they decide to ‘borrow’ the £50k they need from their filthy rich boss Alfie, who they discover is illegally creaming off money from the company. And it works! Except that, on a whim, Deacon secretly adds an extra nought to the transfer, and actually steals half a million quid. Also, Allison is secretly starting to doubt whether she wants a baby after all. Their web of lies kicks off a downward spiral into the criminal underworld of suburban Britain, and pushes them, and their plans for their future together, to the limit.

Ruby Speaking 2023 ITV  Comedy co-created by and starring Jayde Adams. The Bristol-based series follows Ruby’s misadventures and is inspired by the years Jayde spent working in a call centre. Ruby is a popular addition to the workforce but puts other people’s problems above her own and definitely above making a sale. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Safe Space 2023 Sky Max – Comedy from Greg Davies. Davies stars a psychotherapist in a small town who dispenses advice to his clients to suit his need to control them.

Sanditon 2023 ITV – Third series of the period drama based on the works of Jane Austen.

SAS Rogue Heroes BBC One – Second series of Stephen Knight’s successful war drama.

Screw 2023 Channel 4 – Second series of the prison drama series starring Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and Nina Sosanya.

Sherwood BBC One – Second series of James Graham’s crime drama set in a mining town.

Shetland BBC One – New series of the crime drama which sees Ashley Jensen take the lead as DI Ruth Calder.

Shuggie Bain BBC One – Douglas Stuart adapts his own novel for this series. Set in 1980s Glasgow, the drama tells the story of the titular Shuggie; an effeminate boy who tries to fit in and his mother Agnes who dreams of a house with its own front door. However, Agnes finds solace in drink, and drains away the lion’s share of the week’s benefit on it.

Significant Other 2023 ITV – Six-part comedy-drama based on the award-winning Israeli series of the same name, the series follows two lonely neighbours who embark on a hesitant, obstacle-filled relationship after drastic life events bring them together. As this strange love story unfolds with wryly observed wit and warmth, could these deeply flawed individuals – both at a time in their lives when change is difficult and rarely expected – influence each other for the better? Katherine Parkinson and Youssef Kerkour are confirmed to star. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Sitting on a Fortune ITV – Second series of the gameshow hosted by Gary Lineker

Six Four 2023 ITV 2023 – Four-part drama created by BAFTA Scotland Award-winning screenwriter, Gregory Burke starring Kevin McKidd and Vinette Robinson. Primarily in Glasgow, it’s a dark story of kidnap, corruption, betrayal and an uncompromising search for the truth, when Chris and Michelle O’Neill’s teenage daughter goes missing. Richard Coyle, James Cosmo, Alex Ferns, Iona Anderson, Andrew O’Neill and Nilani Chetty co-star. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

The Sixth Commandment *Working Title* BBC One – True-crime drama from acclaimed writer Sarah Phelps which tells the story of how the meeting of an inspirational teacher, Peter Farquhar, and a charismatic young student, Ben Field, who bonded over their love of books and involvement with the Church of England, set the stage for one of the most complex and confounding criminal cases in recent memory. It also focuses on how suspicions around Ben’s relationship with Peter’s deeply religious neighbour Ann Moore-Martin, also targeted by Field, unlocked a series of stunning revelations, culminating in a headline-grabbing trial. The cast includes  Timothy Spall, Anne Reid, Éanna Hardwicke, Annabel Scholey, Sheila Hancock, Ben Bailey Smith, Conor MacNeill, Adrian Rawlins and Amanda Root.

The Small Hand *Working Title*  Channel 5  – One-off thriller about an antiques dealer who finds himself haunted by the ghost of a young boy. Based on the novel of the same name by Susan Hill.

A Spy Among Friends ITV – Dramatisation of the true story of the friendship of British spies Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, played respectively by Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Starstruck 2023 BBC Three – Third series of the romantic comedy written by and starring Rose Matefeo.

Steeltown Murders 2023 BBC One – Four-part drama by Ed Whitmore centring on the hunt to catch the killer of three young women in the Port Talbot Area and the remarkable story of how the mystery was solved almost thirty years later using pioneering DNA evidence. Contrasting the  policing methods of the 1970s with the forensic breakthroughs of the early Noughties the drama is a portrait of a town dealing with the repercussions of an unsolved case three decades on, and asks if justice can ever truly be found. Philip Glenister and Steffan Rhodri lead the cast whilst Keith Allen, Priyana Burford, Sharon Morgan and Matthew Gravelle feature in supporting roles.

Sweetpea Sky Atlantic – Darkly comic drama adapted by Kirstie Swain from the novel of the same name by C. J. Skuse. When a chance encounter with a stranger leads to a shocking act of violence, Rhiannon’s mask slips completely and she is forced to confront the darker side she has long kept hidden.

Taboo BBC One – Second series of Tom Hardy’s atmospheric period drama.

Tell Me Everything ITV2 – Six-part drama exploring the stresses of mental health for today’s teens created by the omnipresence of technology and social media, whilst they are still searching for their own identity, exploring sexuality, and experimenting with relationships, drink, drugs and sex. Created by Lee & Dean’s Mark O’ Sullivan the series has cast newcomers Eden H. Davies, Lauryn Ajufo, Spike Fearn and Callina Liang as 16-year-old friends Jonny, Louis, Neve and Mei. Also joining the cast are Tessa Lucille and Carla Woodcock as new college friends Regan and Zia. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV2 at a later date. 

Ten Pound Poms 2023 BBC One – Six-part drama series that follows a group of Brits as they leave dreary post-war Britain in 1956 to embark on a life-altering adventure on the other side of the world. For only a tenner, they have been promised a better house, better job prospects and a better quality of life by the sea in sun-soaked Australia. But life down under isn’t exactly the idyllic dream the new arrivals have been promised. Struggling with their new identity as immigrants, we follow their triumphs and pitfalls as they adapt to a new life in a new country far from Britain and familiarity. At the heart of the drama is the Roberts family; they try to look for ways to make the best of their situation but the poor living conditions at the migrant hostel and local attitudes towards immigrants test them in ways they couldn’t have imagined. And they aren’t the only people at the hostel avoiding the truth. Kate, a young nurse, arrives without her fiancé and will do whatever it takes to try and rewrite her devastating past. Bill has lost his family business back home and is so desperate to prove he’s living the Australian dream that he’ll stop at nothing in order to get a lifestyle he can’t sustain. Meanwhile, teenager Stevie comes from a troubled background and hopes to use this new adventure to escape his oppressive father. The series comes from British writer Danny Brocklehurst. Michelle Keegan, Faye Marsay and Warren Brown lead the cast.

Then You Run 2023 Sky Max – Eight-part thriller drama based on Zoran Drvenkar’s novel. Adapted by Ben Chanan (Cyberbully, The Capture), the series follows a close-knit group of rebellious London teenagers on a getaway in Rotterdam – but after the estranged father of Tara (Leah McNamara) is discovered dead, they find themselves on the run across Europe with three kilos of heroin and a host of deadly criminals snapping at their heels. Leading the hunt against Tara and her childhood friends – reckless Stink (Vivian Oparah), sharp Ruth (Yasmin Monet Prince) and loyal Nessi  – is Tara’s uncle Reagan (Richard Coyle), a notorious gangster haunted by his past who will stop at nothing to track down his missing cache of drugs. But Reagan isn’t the only person they should fear – because all the while a terrifying and mythical serial killer known only as ‘The Traveller’ draws closer, on a collision course with them all.

Three Little Birds ITV- Drama series written by Sir Lenny Henry, inspired by his mother’s stories about leaving Jamaica in the 1950’s for Great Britain, which became her lifelong home and where she raised her family. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Time 2023 BBC One – Second series of the prison-set drama from Jimmy McGovern. The first series starred Sean Bean and Stephen Graham but the second will see the series move to a women’s prison and focus on a new female lead.

To Sir With Love BBC One – A one-off adaptation of ER Braithwaite’s autobiographical story about a Guyanese RAF engineer who becomes a teacher in a challenging school in the East End of London.

Tom Jones ITV – Gwyneth Hughes’s adaptation of the Henry Fielding classic starring Solly McLeod in the lead role and Sophie Wilde as the heroine Sophia Western. Hannah Waddingham will also feature as Lady Bellaston whilst the cast will also include Pearl Mackie, James Fleet, Alun Armstrong, Daniel Rigby, Shirley Henderson, Felicity Montagu and Dean Lennox Kelly.

The Tourist 2023 BBC One – Second series of the comedic crime drama from Harry and Jack Williams.

The Tower 2023 ITV – Second series of the crime drama starring Gemma Wheelan. Tamzin Outhwaite, Niamh Cusack and Ella Smith will join the cast for the second series.

The Town BBC One – Six part drama from Steven Knight, initially set in 1981, and telling the story of a group of young people fighting to choose their own paths in life, and each in need of the second chance that music offers. Focusing on the world of ska and two-tone music, The Town’s ensemble cast includes Michelle Dockery, Nicholas Pinnock, David Dawson, Greladine James and Freya Parkes whilst rising stars Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose and Eve Austin are the drama’s four young leads.

A Town Called Malice 2023 Sky Max – Comedy thriller set in Spain in the 1980s that follows the Lords, a crime family of petty thieves from South London who have fallen to the bottom of the criminal food chain. And they’re not happy about it. The series is written and created by Bulletproof’s Nick Lowe. Jason Flemyng, Jack Rowan, Tahirah Sharif and Martha Plimpton confirmed to star.

Trigger Point 2023 ITV – Second series of the drama about the work of bomb disposal unit starring Vicky McClure.

Truelove 2023 Channel 4 – Six-part comedy series written by Iain Weatherby (Humans) and co-created by him and Charlie Covell (The End of the F***ing World). With a core cast in their late 60s and 70s, Truelove breaks the rules for older characters on screen and flips ageist tropes on their head in a series which promises thrilling twists and turns, irreverent humour and passionate romance. The series centres around Phil played Julie Walters. Phil is an ex-senior police chief enjoying a comfortable if boring retirement, and Ken played by Clarke Peters, a divorcee and ex-special forces vet who feels similarly at sea. Phil and Ken were teenage sweethearts and despite life having moved on, they have never quite managed to forget each other. Cut to a friend’s funeral many years later where Phil and Ken, along with a gang of old friends, are reunited. At the wake, with nostalgia and booze flowing in equal measure, talk soon takes a meditative turn and the group discuss what an ‘ideal’ death might look like. Our gang make a drunken pact: rather than let each other suffer a slow and dreadful decline, they will step in and engineer a dignified death. In short, they will help each other die when the time is right. Because that, they all agree, is a sign of Truelove. Sue Johnston, Phil Davis, Peter Egan, Karl Johnson, Fiona Button and Kiran Sonia Sawar co-star.

Two-Tone BBC One – Six-part drama that tells the story of an extended family and four young people who are drawn into the world of ska and two tone music, which grew from the grass roots of Coventry and Birmingham in the late 70s and early 80s. The music united black, white and Asian youths in an expression of unity. The series is written and created by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

Undoing Martin Parker 2023 BBC One – Six-part comedy from the co-creators of Car Share Paul Coleman and Sian Gibson. The series, set in the ’90s will centre around Martin Parker (Conleth Hill), a self-made impresario with the ambition of Alan Sugar and the swagger of Kilroy Silk. A man with a chain of electrical stores bearing his name, who is swimming in debt, his complicated private life is catching up with him and he’s starting to lose his power. The series plots his downfall at the hands of all those he’s screwing over with his lust for money, sex and success. Including wife Diane (Rosie Cavaliero), father-in-law Dougie (George Costigan), mobile hairdresser Kath (Sian Gibson) and Kath’s best mate Gladys (Sheila Reid).

Vigil 2023 BBC One – Second series of the crime drama. The first saw Suranne Jones investigate a murder aboard the Vigil submarine. It is unclear what form the second series will take.

Wahala  BBC One – Adapted by BAFTA nominated writer Theresa Ikoko from Nikki May’s soon to be published debut novel of the same name, Wahala follows three thirty-something Anglo-Nigerian female friends living in London, successfully navigating a world that mixes roast dinners with jollof rice. Simi, Ronke and Boo have been best friends for years, sharing every aspect of their careers, family lives and relationships with one another. But when the beautiful, charismatic and super wealthy Isobel infiltrates their friendship group, mounting tensions, unravelling bonds and unearthed secrets have shocking and tragic consequences.

We Are Lady Parts  Channel 4 – Second series of Nida Manzoor’s award-winning sitcom.

The White House Plumbers 2023 Sky Atlantic – Based in part on public records and the book Integrity by Egil “Bud” Krogh and Matthew Krogh, the five-part limited series The White House Plumbers will tell the true story of how Nixon’s own political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), accidentally toppled the presidency they were trying to protect. Also stars Domhnall Gleeson and Lena Headey.

The Winter King ITV – Based on Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord series, the drama follows Arthur Pendragon as he evolves from outcast to legendary warrior and leader. Iain De Caestecker stars as young Arthur whilst Eddie Marsan portrays King Uther. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date. 

Wolf 2023 BBC One – Six-part thriller based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels. Written and adapted by Megan Gallagher, Ukweli Roach has been cast in the lead role of DI Jack Caffery. DI Jack Caffery is a young man searching for himself. Obsessed with the neighbour he believes murdered his 10 year-old brother in the 90s, Jack finds himself trying to right the wrongs of others – but at what cost? In an isolated house in Monmouthshire, the wealthy Anchor-Ferrers family find themselves the victims of a psychopath’s cruel games, trapped and terrorised. When the two narratives collide, it’s a thrilling, nail-biting and deeply disturbing race against time. Confirmed cast also includes  Sacha Dhawan, Iwan Rheon,  Sian Reese-Williams Juliet Stevenson and Owen Teale.

The Woman in the Wall 2023 BBC One – Six-part horror starring Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack. Lorna Brady is a woman from the small, fictional town of Kilkinure, who wakes one morning to find a corpse in her house. Chillingly, Lorna has no idea who the dead woman is or if she herself might be responsible for the apparent murder… That’s because Lorna has long suffered from extreme bouts of sleepwalking, understood to have manifested around the time she was ripped from her life at the age of 15 and incarcerated in the Kilkinure Convent. The Convent was home to one of Ireland’s infamous Magdalene Laundries, a place where women were taken when they fell afoul of the social mores of their times – from those accused of committing adultery to teenage pregnancies. When it finally closed its doors, a score of survivors were left suffering in its wake. Very few women were able to go on and lead relatively normal lives, and others, such as Lorna, were even less fortunate in their fate. One thing all survivors had in common, is that none of them would ever forget. Unluckily for Lorna, the extremely ambitious, albeit elusive Detective Colman Akande is now also on her tail for a crime which is seemingly unrelated to the dead woman she’s discovered in her house. Colman quickly rose through the ranks of the Garda Síochána thanks to his natural aptitude for the job. He possesses a dark and sometimes scathing wit but there is a quiet sadness to him that even he doesn’t understand, and he’s hiding his own secrets from the world…

The Wonders of the World I Can’t See 2023 Channel 4 –  Four-part travelogue fronted by blind comedian Chris McCausland. The series takes Chris across the globe to explore some of the world’s most iconic, unforgettable world landmarks, but in a new and unique way that discovers things the ordinary traveller might miss. In each episode, reluctant traveller Chris will be joined by a different special celebrity guest as his travelling companion. As well as providing a humorous ‘audio description’ of their surroundings for him, the celebrity companions will do their best to prove to Chris that there’s much more to visiting these places than just what they look like, by engaging their other senses. Will they manage to convince him that it was worth getting off his couch after all?

World on Fire BBC One – Second series of the drama which tells the story of World War Two through the lives of ordinary people from all sides of the global conflict. Written by Peter Bowker.

Wreck BBC Three – Second series of the comedy horror set aboard a cruise ship.

The Yorkshire Ripper *Working Title* ITV – Six-part true-crime drama that The drama will depict one of the most notorious and shocking serial killer cases in the world, the hunt for Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, between October 1975 and January 1981, police undertook the biggest manhunt in British criminal history. The search for Sutcliffe lasted five years, involved over a thousand officers and changed the way the British police worked forever.

You Sky Max – Drama from The Capture’s Ben Chanan based on the novel of the same name by Zoran Drvenkar. When Tara O’Rourke kills her estranged father in a drug-fuelled rage, she and her best friends are forced to flee across Europe.

You&Me ITV – Three-part romantic comedy from new screenwriter Jamie Davis. Harry Lawtey plays Ben, a young northerner in London who finds his life changed forever when catastrophe strikes on the happiest day of his life. Jessica Barden plays Emma, a rising theatre star who hides tragedy behind her success. Sophia Brown plays Jess, a young woman whose life takes an unexpected turn when she’s running for a bus… Julie Hesmondhalgh, Andi Osho, Lily Newmark and Janie Dee will co-star. The series will debut on ITVX before airing on ITV at a later date.