The Dark Side of Fame With Piers Morgan, BBC1

by | Sep 22, 2008 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Tomas de Torquemad meets Genghis Khan.

What was good about it?

• Discovering that Jim Davidson now lives in Dubai, which, in totally unconnected news, is a place of discrimination and cruelty.

• The feeble justification Piers Morgan trumpeted for exposing Davidson’s infidelity that provoked the end of his fourth marriage. Like the detestable justifications of liquid death Mark Frith, Morgan invidiously claimed that the Mirror only ran the story as a public service rather than as a cheap sales stunt in the knowledge that his moronic readership would gobble down stories about comedians having affairs.

What was bad about it?• Piers Morgan looks like a faulty sack used to drown kittens that someone has forgotten to put a zip on.

• Jim Davidson was either so familiar with Morgan’s line of questioning from other interviews or was so well prepared that his answers were the equivalent of deafening cannons bombarding enemy positions in World War One.

• This was best shown when Davidson, quite cleverly, retorted to Morgan’s accusations that he was homophobic with: “Of course I’m not homophobic, some of my best friends are black!” This confused the putrid simpleton, as he couldn’t decipher if Davidson had made a genuine error by using the well-worn racists’ defence of black best friends, and so indicate he was so well-used to answering that question that it was an automatic and therefore insincere response, or that it was a cunning manoeuvre designed to catch Morgan off guard. It was, of course, the latter which Davidson confirmed to a wink to the bubble of bile, and in doing so, neutered any possible follow-up question.

• Other than being a self-confessed misogynist and bigot, the sad thing was Davidson has led a rather dull life. He won a couple of 70s talent shows, and was beaten by Roger De Coursay in another – which exemplifies the standard. A similar modern day phenomena would see all the reality TV shows being won by ex-members of So Solid Crew.

• Davidson’s refusal to talk about his third wife Alison Holloway, and Morgan’s craven refusal to press him. All Davidson would say on the allegations that he hit her was that his previous two wives had made no comparable complaints.

• The producer of Hell’s Kitchen feigning ignorance about the potential for Davidson to clash with Brian Dowling.

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