Did Jane kill Lucy??

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It’s been ten months, TEN MONTHS, since little Lucy Beale’s body was found on Walford common. In that time there has been four births, three marriages and two more deaths on the Square – and now we’re only a week away from finding out who dunnit.

And I’m telling you it’s Jane.

Kind of. Don’t forget this is EastEnders we’re talking about and nothing is ever straightforward, so this is what I think happened…

Following the discovery that Lucy kept a stash of cocaine in her jewelry box, Jane flipped out.

She flipped out even more when, later that night, she discovered that little Bobby had got his hands on Lucy’s drugs. After catching Lucy having sex with Lee earlier that day, Jane sent Lucy a text saying she needed to talk to her. Jane thought Lucy was going off the rails and her intention was to talk some sense into her.

Instead, Lucy wound Jane up by laughing at her and saying that Bobby wasn’t even her real son and she was just a barren old woman – or something else lovely along those lines.

Jane lost her temper and flung the jewellery box at Lucy, causing her to fall down and knock her head. (Remember one of the clues was the music box being the last thing Lucy heard?

And also remember that Lucy had already had a bump to the head a few days before?

Well, the second knock to the head caused her to have an aneurism (yep, like what Pauline had ‘n all) and she died. The open music box on the floor was the last thing she heard as she died. Jane panicked because a) she hadn’t meant to kill Lucy, she just lost her temper and b) she couldn’t be a mum to Bobby if she was locked up.

So she took Lucy’s body to Walford Common and dumped it there to make it look like a mugging.

That’s when her behaviour started to become very suspicious.

After having sex with Ian (GUILT!) she rushed back to Birmingham with Bobby (TO HAVE HER CAR CLEANED OUT SO NONE OF LUCY’S DNA WAS IN IT.) Then there was that whole drama about her not going to the funeral (GUILT!) She turned up in the end but still managed to avoid it when she comforted Ian who had just found out that Lucy had been sleeping with Max.

Are you all still with me?

Further incriminating evidence for Jane is her being the first one to look at Lucy’s phone after Ian had charged it up. This gave her the chance to delete the message she sent Lucy on the night she was killed. And remember how she took on Phil Mitchell to keep the phone and purse? Who takes on Phil Mitchell?

Maybe someone whose fingerprints and DNA are all over the stuff from when she took it off Lucy and dumped it, making it look like she was mugged. And then she hid them under the floorboard in the Beale house, rather than giving them to the police.

Bit suspicious, no?

Small but crucial, Emma knew the killer drinks tea – we know this because she bought one for the killer when they met at the park. How many cups of tea had she shared with Jane while working as the family liaison officer and comforting the family?

And then there is the small matter of Lauren discovering Emma’s file and recognising the number written down. The landline number of her best friend and childhood sweetheart would be a number she’d know by sight, after all. And she’s acting all weird about going to the Beale house at the moment, but doesn’t actually seem a bit scared by Peter.

Which suggests that it’s someone ELSE in the house.

Finally, there’s that weird alibi she provided for Lauren when Emma was given the footage from Fatboy’s phone. Was she providing an alibi for Lauren? Or for herself? Or was she telling the truth, but lying about where she was? If she were inside the Masood’s as she claims, she wouldn’t have been able to see if Lauren had gone into the Beale house or not. (Look at a map of the Square if you need convincing).

So there you have it…that’s what happened to Lucy Beale. I’m off to sign up to Walford CID.

EastEnders goes Live on Friday the 20th on BBC ONE

Contributed by Katy Brent *Originally posted on Beamly*

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