Does Britain still Have Talent?

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After four years its fair to say that Britain’ s Got Talent is closer to that embarrassing uncle you have to visit at this time of year than the enjoyable TV series it was back in 2008. Yet like the embarrassing uncle you feel a soft spot for it and will be seen watching it (OK the metaphor fell apart there) with the curtains closed so as not to ruin the street credit you’ve built up since last year’s finale.

The thing that irritates us about BGT is that every year it sucks us in and every year we’re left both angry at the lack of proper “talent” and also angry at our lack of will power. But this year we felt it was our duty to watch. It wasn’t because it we wanted to but because we saw it as “our site’s duty” to watch it as the show has had a revamp.

When it was first announced that Simon Cowell was leaving his judging seat we have to say we were disappointed. Whatever your views on the man behind Zig and Zag and Robson & Jerome on BGT at least he did serve as a the voice of reason. So we feared that with his seat empty Amanda and Piers would be left to put through more DJ Talent esque acts

Then it was announced that Piers Morgan was concentrating more on his latest CNN job alongside his seat on the American’s Got Talent judging panel and our spirits lifted briefly. We say briefly because then David Hassellhoff’s name was bounded around and again our hearts sank. Watching the news on this was an emotional rollercoaster which was destine to be more entertaining than the series itself.

With Michael McIntyre announced to fill the final seat we sat back in ours with incredibly low expectations and waited for the circus to begin.

Ignoring Holden’s hair, Hassellhof’s ridiculous Union Jack jacket and the fact that they used Lady GaGa’s “Born this way” very early on we have to say that Michael McIntyre was a surprise revelation and has given the show a lighter less dramatic feel. Over the years the show has lost the light hearted fun feel that drew us to the show originally. WE BLAME SUSAN BOYLE.. But thanks to the therapy we’re working on that.

The New Judging Panel

As for the actual “talent” on this opening episode it is our humble custardy opinion that there wasn’t any. We were irritated by the bell ringers, angered by the “Human Dolphin” and unimpressed by the bloke with the key card for his caravan who sang Tracy Chapman. Another issue with the show is that it feels like its forever searching for another Boyle moment that will grab the audience by the jugular. This first episode felt like someone at ITV HQ had accidentally put in the tape of episode 6 as normally by episode 6 of the auditions the talent has gone from ropey to something worse than roepy.

To sum up BGT lost its way a while ago and whilst Michael McIntyre was interesting and a joy to watch but despite the revamp it still feels quite stale. That being said we know that just like the majority of people we’ll tune back in on Saturday if only to sneer and complain and of course to discover whether or not Britain does have talent!

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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