Does The Voice have the Edge?

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After nights of teasing and speculation the BBC’s highly anticipated new reality The Voice starts on Saturday. It won’t be news to you that the series will clash with the return of Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent but I think for sheer curiosity sake The Voice will secure those all important Saturday night ratings. Britain’s Got Talent, which was once appointment viewing is showing its age and although the Voice isn’t a brand new BBC format (its proved successful in the US, Poland and Germany) the BBC have done well with  on screen ads and social media outlets helping to boost buzz and hype about the show. Add to that the occasional snidey dig at Cowell and his BGT team by one of The Voice “Coaches” and you’ve got a musical fight reminiscent of the Blur v Oasis battle that dominated the 90’s

I don’t wish to be impartial or sway your viewing in anyway. Both series will make great additions to the otherwise empty Saturday Night lineups and its not my place to push you in one direction or the other. With that said here’s loads of the pictures from the opening episode of The Voice.

WILL I AM with his back to a Contestant

The “Coaches” perform together.
First shot of a “blind audition”

The Judges all “swiveled”

There’s a lot of intrigue and interest growing in The Voice. I know from the US version that its a show that relies far less heavily on gimmicks and sob stories and more on well “The Voice.” The celebrity panel in those sparkly red swivel chairs aren’t  there to mock, criticize or get the crowd sneering or jeering their primary role is to support an act all the way through to the end of the process and mold them into the “artist” they want to eventually become. Of course the success of the previous remakes doesn’t guarantee that the BBC have a sure fire reality hit on their hands but I’m sure with the judges, sorry “coaches” they’ve managed to procure and they are on their way to one. Reports suggest that ITV and Simon Cowell are concerned about the very real and present danger that the clash between shows poses and I think now that we’ve had so many years of Britain’s Got Talent he way be right to be wary. It could also be the case that audiences who have recently been tuning into series like Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Stargazing Live and Call the Midwife have tired of these sort of shows all together and would prefer to settle down with cup of tea and a digestive to something a little more highbrow. Though I’m willing to place a large bet that that isn’t the case and The Voice will trounce Britain and whatever Talent it has to throw at us come Saturday evening.

The Voice begins on Saturday 24th March at 7.00pm on BBC1

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The Battle of the Swivelchairs

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