EastEnders’ latest twist.

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Max Branning. Serial adulterer and Walford’s very own Russell Brand. If sleeping with his son’s fiancé wasn’t enough (poor Bradley) he has now turned his attention to Lucy Beale, his daughter’s best friend. In a shock twist it was revealed last night that the mystery person Lucy had been secretly communicating with all week was in fact Max and not Jake Stone as we had been lead to believe.

So how on earth has adulterer-twice divorced-dad of four-Max Branning managed to charm the young and beautiful Lucy Beale in to his bed? Earlier in the week we saw Lucy tell Lauren that she had convinced Max to give them the money they needed to start their new business adventure, but we didn’t see exactly how she had managed to persuade Max to give her the money… until last night. Whilst some fans suspected the mystery man was Max it was still a surprise to see it revealed as him at the end of the episode, not just because he is old enough to be her father or because they have never shared many scenes together, but because it seems extremely unlikely that Lucy would be interested in someone like Max.

Out of all the teenagers in the show Lucy has perhaps always showed the most promise, she has always been ambitious and eager to better herself (a sort of toned down Janine Butcher without the murderous streak). When Ian, her dad, had a nervous breakdown a few years ago she singlehandedly kept all his businesses afloat whilst looking after her brother Bobby and trying to avoid debt collectors. Neither has she ever been afraid to spread her wings, abandoning Ian and the family business last year to instead work for Janine before finally setting up her own company, LB Lettings, with Lauren this week. She has never been short of male attention either so it seems unlikely that would sleep with Max, surely she isn’t THAT desperate for the money? (Even the BBC One announcer expressed his shock at the reveal over the end credits).

It is no secret that Lucy Beale is going to be killed off in a huge storyline at Easter and her affair with Max is only going to add to the intrigue and mystery surrounding her death. One thing that is certain is that the fallout over their affair will undoubtedly be huge, especially in the Beale and Branning households, whilst Max and Lauren (who won’t be too happy to find out that her dad has been sleeping with her best friend) are more than likely to be the first suspects in Lucy’s demise. Eastenders has been full of exciting twists and surprises of late and this storyline looks set to continue the trend, with Lucy’s story promising more of the same in the run up to Easter.

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Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller



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