EastEnders: What we know, suspect and want to know!

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So, we’ve done it, ten long but well plotted  months ago stroppy Lucy Beale was found dead on Walford common. The story has plotted with the expert precision of the best whodunnits on TV and today the culprit will finally be revealed!

At EastEnders HQ a select few have been privy to killer’s identity for a while, but the cast are as in the dark as the rest of the obsessed nation. We may be only two days into #EELiveWeek but I don’t think it’s too early to call it triumph. The viewing figures  prove how much viewers have taken the mystery to heart, and social media is a-buzz with excitement and theories. A lot of the attention surrounding last night’s live inserts was that Tanya Cross (Jo Joyner) confused the name of a character with an actor, but even that didn’t distract from the brilliance of both cast and writer. Dot’s monologue about good and bad was eerily creepy as the camera panned around the main suspects as they enjoyed the Beale wedding reception in the Queen Vic. The Branning’s, and then Peter discovering Lauren’s pregnancy, Dot confessing to her grandson that she’d killed Nick, Dean returning to the square, and of course the moment the Beale clan discovered Lucy was killed at home.

…. Breathe!…

There’s  plenty going on even without the mystery reveal. The BBC’s flagship soap is in the best shape of its thirty years with Dominic Treadwell-Collins and his team showing such an affection for the show’s legacy, and treating its fans with the respect that has perhaps been lacking over the last few years of the show.

So, where do we stand now? Well even if it was Jane or Ian that took the life of Walford’s blonde estate agent, part of me think there’s more than one person involved. Would one person kill her and then be able to transport her body to the deserted common? Surely it’s a double team.  Another part of me thinks Denise is involved. It would explain her reliance on the booze of late, and you might remember that on the night Lucy was killed  she was planning to leave Ian.

Peter’s not in the frame for me, but only because I know Ben Hardy is leaving the show and that would mean he wouldn’t be back for the inevitable trial. Other characters like dodgy undertaker Lee Cocker and his dizzy wife Pam are also in the frame but I’d struggle to believe they’d be granted such a big story on such an big occasion for the show.  Despite the confusion that surrounded the ‘duff duff’ moment at the end of Tuesday night’s episode it now seems unlikely evil Abby Branning is the killer.

Hearts across the country will be broken if Lucy’s heartbroken father has killed his daughter, but it makes sense to me as he’s the only original character to have been on screen for the majority of its history. But then again does that mean we’ve seen the last of Ian? Would they really get risk turning viewers against such a pivotal character? Then there’s Lucy’s step-sister Cindy who was doing her best evil looks to camera during last night’s live inserts. She may not be an audience favourite but she shares the name of one, and wouldn’t be ironic if Lucy was killed by someone named after her own mother!  There’s also Bobby Beale who was recently recast. There’s been some speculation as to whether the change of actor means this new Bobby has more to do. I’ll be slightly miffed if little Bobby did ‘go nuts’ kill his sister and Ian and Jane have been covering up for him.

To be honest I’m not sure really what the best or most satisfying would be. Whatever they’ve done it won’t please everyone, but the build up’s been so brilliantly done the reveal is just the icing on a big 30th Birthday cake.

Here’s what we do going into the big anniversary episode:

  • The soap will recreate its original first scene from 1985 as members of the cast discover Nick Cotton’s dead body. It was orignally Reg Cox who was discovered dead by Den Watts and Pete Beale thirty years ago!
  • Dean’s menacing looks from last night will lead to tense episode for the Carters as Nancy is taken hostage. 
  • And finally, there will be a special flashback episode at 9.25pm tracking Lucy’s final night on the square.

EastEnders starts at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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