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by | Aug 20, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

“I must go out more on a Saturday night”.

What to say if you didn’t like it

Under the façade of an ultimate tribute to the King of Rock & Roll, this edition of the never-ending Mania series was really another excuse for Z-listers to ruin classic hits and attempt to aid floundering careers.

What was good about it?

• At least ElvisMania improved on this year’s catastrophic MadonnaMania by deciding to invite musical guests to perform rather than endless soap stars.

• Mica Paris’s In The Ghetto, the only decent performance of the whole night and a rendition that actually paid attention to the song.

• The montage of Elvis footage. Nothing groundbreaking but it was nice to see ITV had actually bothered to research their subject.

What was bad about it?

• Zoë Ball, a slightly odd choice for presenter. Struggling to look enthusiastic and excited at her special guests, her descent from hosting primetime Radio 1 to this debacle was clearly troubling her mind. Despite declaring love for Elvis, Zoë actually came across as someone who just wanted to go home – and we don’t blame her.

• The forced laughter at Ms Ball’s ‘jokes’ from the unsavoury-looking audience.

• Peter Andre and his version of That’s Alright. A great impersonation of Elvis – if you think the King sings on helium and dances like he has crabs – this was a suitably nauseating opening to the show. Even Jordan looked bored and embarrassed by her future husband’s antics.

• Talking head Eamonn Holmes and his revolutionary statement, “There will only be one Elvis”.

It was no surprise to see the ubiquitous Paul Ross joining Eamonn to also bore us once more and present ‘unique insight’ into the King’s life (which we’ve all heard before).

• The cast of Bad Girls performing Jailhouse Rock, a section which surpassed BBC2’s Extras for cringe television. Their highly rehearsed answers to Zoë’s questions were as subtle as a chainsaw while the ‘singing’ left a lot to be desired. Saying that, the two Julies were entertaining as ever.

• Bargain-bin opera diva Katherine Jenkins, a bizarre veteran of ITV’s Mania shows who can’t seem to understand that opera singing doesn’t always gel with other musical styles. It’s Now Or Never performed three octaves higher than Elvis isn’t clever, it’s just very painful.

• Katie Melua, the musical equivalent of yoghurt. Mercifully had a long instrumental section in her take on Heartbreak Hotel.

• G4, who according to Zoë are like Elvis because they have a “unique style”. The housewives in the studio audience seemed to cream their knickers over the four opera losers – we just felt suicidal.

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