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by | May 8, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Yes – though a more apt title would have been Feel The Farce. The opening episode of this comedy centering on two inept policewomen and their relationship with their nemesis, Sergeant Beesley, was fun, but we’re not sure if there’s a series in it, though.

What was good about it?

• Fine performances by the wonderful and sexy Michelle Gomez from Green Wing and The Book Club as Bobbins, Rosie Cavaliero as Frank, and Leigh Zimmerman as the stern Sergeant Beesley

• This was an amiable first episode – Gomez and Cavaliero have a good chemistry together and having the main players as female police officers put a different spin on things.

• The opening gag where Frank and Bobbins were using a traffic speed gun to see who could run the fastest was a great way to start.

• Assigned with going to the mortuary to get the pathologist’s conclusions, the squeamish Bobbins resolves to concentrate on the pathologist and not look at the body. Unfortunately, the pathologist has teeth that have never seen a dentist, toenails that have never seen a podiatrist and a face that has never seen make-up. Constantly averting her eyes from the latest horror she ends up fainting anyway.

• Having been stood up by her (enforced) date, Frank spends three hours waiting for him in the Chinese restaurant getting steadily more pissed. The following day, when trying to make her obviously gay male colleague jealous, she proceeds to lie about how Alan had serenaded her in Chinese – then breaks into a toe-curlingly hilarious Cantonese version of Madonna’s Material Girl complete with actions.

• The juxtaposition of Bobbins’ interview with a suspect and Frank’s actual date with Alan where she bullied him into paying for the meal was excellent.

• The running gag in which Bobbins inflicted physical pain on an eyewitness because she kept laughing at Bobbins’ tiny face.

• Writer Georgia Pritchett came up with some good gags eg “Being flashed at is not the same as a proposal of marriage.” And the Sixth sense parody: “Sometimes I see dead people.” “That’s because you’re a policewoman on the murder squad.”

What was bad about it?

• Bobbins saluting Sergeant Beesley, and adding “Yes boss, guv, sarge, maam“ lost its comic value after the first attempt. Shame it was repeated throughout…

• The insistence of following the Friends model where no scene can be longer than two minutes got frustrating, as did the playing of a snatch of real Thing’s Can You Feel The Force? accompanied with CG police tape between each scene. It was really wearing by the 10th rendition.

• We didn’t get a glimpse of West End actress and dancer Leigh Zimmerman’s fantastic legs – hopefully this will be rectified in a future episode!

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