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Big Brother launched 10 days ago which seems so distant now because so much has happened in the house. For me, it has been the best start to a series since the golden era which was 2004-2006, and is a significant improvement on last year’s first civilian series on Channel 5.

What makes a series memorable and entertaining is the housemates and the casting this series seems to be pretty good. The majority of the housemates have many layers and it’s already very interesting to see them try to form little groups and then change their minds. There have been many arguments over alcohol, shopping lists and one sausage which have created some fascinating and cringeworthy television. The argument about the sausage in particular was brilliant, because in true BB style it was blown out of proportion as the sausage was used for housemates to let out their frustration as they quite openly argued with each other and bitched about each other. This led to a classic BB scene which saw Lauren standing outside the toilet listening to three other girls bitch about her while Lydia tried to be sneaky and listen in too. This bunch of housemates don’t hold back, all of them are strong enough to fight their corner and most have already been pushed into doing that. Tact is no a skill required for the average Big Brother housemate.

We’ve had the start of a ‘showmance’ between Ashleigh and Luke S which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere quickly, and maybe I’m just being cynical but it seems very forced on Luke’s part. Unless I think it’s 100% genuine then I’m not interested in seeing two housemates get soppy. I’m glad that they are the only potential couple in the house and that it isn’t your ordinary straight forward ‘we’re in love’ type situation, there is more to it which might make it quite interesting over the next few weeks. All this in a week! 

The housemates have real personality and really big opinions to match.  I have been surprised to see them discussing topics such as the monarchy and religion. The diversity in conversation is good and I’m glad it’s being shown, it makes a pleasant change to last year where the housemates only topic of conversation seemed to be who the other fancied. This diversity in each episode reminds me of the golden era, this show is once again a joy to watch. 

There have been some negatives though. I think the tasks so far have been rather poor. This week for the shopping task housemates had to not laugh, I can see where the producers were going with this as watching people try not to laugh is usually rather funny but I found the execution embarrassingly bad, and in the end it annoyed me rather than amused me. Another task in which Shievonne had to impersonate housemates was also meant to be funny but again just left me annoyed which is a shame. In recent years the tasks have been inventive but the housemates haven’t been entertaining enough, this year it seems to be the complete opposite.

I was also quite disappointed with nominations, this series housemates are allowed to discuss nominations which I love, I like the game-playing aspect  but nobody took great advantage of it. There was a lot of talk of groups voting a certain way but it never really happened, once housemates were in the diary room they seemed to make their own decisions. Maybe this is because the housemates have never seen people in previous series have a strategy and play the game so they don’t know how to go about it, I’d like it to be encouraged though, I want it to become more like the US version of Big Brother which is all about brutal game-playing.

Last Friday Victoria was evicted, a good choice by the public as she didn’t want to be there and if she isn’t going to value the experience then she doesn’t deserve a place in the house. She was replaced by Becky who I wasn’t especially keen on but she has proven herself as a housemate. She seems genuinely nice and her confidence to stand up to people makes her interesting, she also produced an amazing moment on her entrance. Who will ever forget the girl who shouted ‘Come on ya bastards’ and jumped into the pool? Amazing!

My housemate rankings:

1 Caroline – She if fun and quirky, but has a bitchy side that makes me laugh.

2 Lydia – This woman is TV gold, her facial reactions and sneakiness are brilliant.

3 Arron – People have said he doesn’t add anything to the house but I think he is the biggest source of entertainment. I really like him.

4 Scott – Pretty similar to Caroline, he is fun and has a good bitchy side

5 Becky – I was against her going into the house but she has already proven to be a good housemate. She is straight talking and up for the experience. Good on her.

6 Deana – Nice girl, slightly too emotional though. Her emotions will be her downfall.

7 Ashleigh – I find her repulsive, nice and funny all at the same time.

8 Conor – Seems like a decent guy and very much an individual. 

9 Lauren – I felt sorry for her when she heard the other girls bitching about her but she is generally annoying which which means I find it hard to like her.

10 Luke A – Seems like a nice guy. That’s as much as I can say.

11 Benedict  – Same as Luke A

12 Sara – This girl has a split-personality and I don’t particularly like either. I’m surprised, I expected her to be one of my favourites.

13 Luke S – Big game plan of using the females in the

14 Shievonne – Seems nice enough but she hasn’t entertained me

15 Adam – I don’t particularly like him and he doesn’t show any promise of being interesting to watch.

The potential problem is that Shievonne, Adam, Luke S, Luke A and Benedict are going to fly under the radar for a while meaning the series could become quite boring in a few weeks. The big characters always go early on, tonight Chris was evicted and as much as I dislike the guy I can at least say he was great entertainment and next week could be a little boring unless some other housemates develop into interesting and entertaining characters quickly.

The series has real potential and the first week and a half has been great television. It will be interesting to see if the housemates can keep it up and if the producers can match them with some better tasks and twists.

Contributed by Luke Humphries.

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