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Further details of Broadchurch remake Gracepoint have emerged. Those involved in the Gracepoint panel at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Sunday afternoon revealed that the series, which has two extra episodes than the ITV original will likely have a very different ending so that the series can be enjoyed on its own merits. Fox execs where keen to stress that the series could go beyond the first season but that the killer would be revealed by the end of the first.

Early questions to the panel of course concerned the similarities between Gracepoint and Broadchurch. It can be difficult for remakes to find their identity, and comments about early episodes have suggested that it appears to be a shot for shot remake of the original. The executive producers explained that the opening of Broadchurch was so perfect they didn’t want to break what was already working.

First order of business was, don’t screw up what works,” said showrunner Dan Futterman. 

David Tennant was asked about the similarities and differences between his Gracepoint character Emmett Carver and his Broadchurch equivalent Alec Hardy. “They both look quite like me and they have similar heights,” he joked.

He wanted to be part of the remake, not, as rumours suggested – and he laughed aloud at the very suggestion – that he was contractually obliged to, but because he was drawn to the scripts. “I’m just touring the world doing different versions of Broadchurch,” he claimed. In actual fact, he initially only signed up for a single 8-episode series of Broadchurch, so the second series and the American remake have both been pleasant surprises. When he was asked if he was interested in taking part in Gracepoint he couldn’t say no. “What I can’t get enough of is good writing,” he explained. “If you start with a good script then you’re on to a winner.” The appeal was the different sensibilities he could bring to the work and the chance to get something exciting and new out of the same material.

There are unconfirmed reports that one of the ITV channels will show this remake in the UK but remains to be seen if Gracepoint will be the mega hit it became for ITV. 

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