Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, BBC1

by | Mar 24, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

We did. Guests for the first show of the new series were the legendary Sir David Attenborough; Welsh rugby’s premier Metrosexual, Gavin Henson; and the tattooed pop/rock star Pink. The only downside was the non-appearance of trailed guest Morrissey, who’s a little bit poorly.

What was good about it?

• Sir David Attenborough. Frankly, he could have been the only guest, and Jonathan still would have only scratched the surface after an hour. The man has had an absolutely fascinating career; not only in the natural history sphere, but also as a controller of BBC 2.

• The clips of the wonderful series Planet Earth. This sort of programme is what good TV is all about.

• Sir David’s tale of the 200 yard high mound of bat droppings, the carpet of cockroaches covering it, and his producer’s desire that he climb to the top of it for the filming. The clip of Sir David describing the scene while almost choking from the ammonia emitted from the dungheap showed the less glamorous side of natural history TV.

• Attenborough’s take on the whole evolution versus creationism debate. He made the very pertinent point that every culture has its own myths about creation – and they can’t all be right – while the scientific evidence for evolution can be found in fossils, and everywhere in the animal and plant kingdoms.

• The clips from last year’s Wales v England rugby game, shown to introduce Gavin Henson, included that kick (to win the game) and those tackles. (Which explains why poor old Mathew Tait is destined to be known as ‘Henson’s Handbag for some time yet!)

• The amusing revelation that Gav’s Dad stopped him playing football as he didn’t want him to get injured for his rugby games!

• Gavin’s acknowledgement, and embracing, of his own vanity. He came across as a nice lad who is serious about his rugby, and serious about Charlotte Church. By the end of the interview Jonathan had ‘convinced’ Gavin to pop the question…

• We wondered what Gavin made of Pink’s new video that had her out-oranging David Dickenson with the fake tan…

What was bad about it?

• It was a shame that Morrissey didn’t show, as the quiffs sported by him, Gavin and Pink would have made the Green Room look like an ‘Eraserhead’ convention.

• Jonathan’s appalling attempt at a Welsh accent, which veered from Cornwall to Delhi to Islamabad within the same sentence.

• Jonathan’s total ignorance of rugby – he didn’t know the difference between a penalty kick and a try. Do some research, Ross!

• The story of the clearly disturbed Welsh rugby fan who cut off his own testicles after Wales beat England had us clutching our nether regions, while the shot of the ball of ear wax taken from Jonathan’s ear put us right off our Tarka Dall…

• Why was Henson on the show? The Six Nations has finished, his book was released months ago, and there was no big news on him and Charl. Eye candy for the Mums and Four Poofs and a Piano, perhaps?

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