Frost and Pegg’s Perfect Night In, Channel 4

by | May 13, 2007 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Following on from Lucas and Walliams’ go at putting together their ideal schedule, the boys from Spaced got their chance, and once again dragged up some fond memories.

What was BBC?

• Pegg’s first TV appearance was in that Buttercup cough medicine advert (when he’s skiving off work fishing and his boss rings him) and Simon looks about 12 years old.

• The animated Kia Ora ad brought back fond memories – “It’s too orangey for crows! It’s just for me and my dog!”

• The clip from The Machine Gunners reminded us of taking the mickey out of the less intelligent schoolkids – (affects Geordie accent) “Where you goin’ now?!”

• Children of the Stones – one of the most frightening kids shows ever. As Simon commented – “It shat me up good.”

• Like Matt and David (and us), the Daleks and “Dave Ross” aka Davros seared themselves into Mark and Simon’s consciousness.

• We know it’s politically incorrect, but we loved the clip from the Dick Emery show.

• The Box of Delights – some clunky special effects, but one of the best BBC children’s dramas ever.

• A clip of the 15-year-old Vanessa Paradis singing Joe Le Taxi had Nick looking wistful and Simon reassuring us that Nick wouldn’t need to sign any sort of register.

• As expected, Monkey put in an appearance, and like Nick we were relieved to find out that though Tripitaka was a male character, it was played by a woman.

• Twin Peaks – that first series was great. Then we found out who killed Laura Palmer, and it all went downhill. By the end, David Duchovny was playing a transvestite FBI agent. Sigh.

• Simon admitted that he loved Superstars and particularly David Hemery – mainly because he bore a resemblance to his father and he had a bit of a crush on him. We loved Nick’s deadpan summing-up: “David Hemery – a man who looked like his Dad. Who he fancied. What a f*cking weirdo.”

• Molly Dineen’s documentary Home From The Hill, which showed how Colonel Hilary Hook had retired from a lifetime’s army service in Africa, living the Colonial lifestyle and failing miserably to adapt to life back in Blighty. The clip of him trying to open a can with an (unplugged) electric tin opener left us longing to see the whole programme.

• The transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London. Still amazing 25 years on.

• The final scene of the last Blake’s 7 episode, when the whole cast get killed, reminded us how traumatised we were when we first saw it. They can’t all be dead!

What was QVC?

• The crow-barred clip of Dixon of Dock Green (which was way before both Nick and Simon’s time) which enabled them to do a compare and contrast of 60s policing with policing in the 21st century and show a clip of – you’ve guessed it – Hot Fuzz.

• Harry Enfield’s Stavros was one of their comedic influences – and they showed possibly the most unamusing clip of the kebab shop owner in existence.

• John Hegley – his performance poetry has never really done it for us.

• Unlike Lucas and Walliams who were suited and booted, Frost and Pegg were wearing a dressing gown and skater boy gear respectively. And that “don’t really give a sh*t attitude” sometimes came across.

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