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What was it about?

News and views about food.

What to say if you liked it.

Imagine a food programme made by the Top Gear team.

What to say if you didn’t like it.

Imagine a food programme made by the Top Gear team.

What was good about it?

• The two male presenters Richard Johnson and Stefan Gates were excellent. They looked relaxed and were interesting and amusing.

• The items on mushrooms and Japanese food were very good, well shot and with good scripts.

• Guest Nigel Havers cooked a mean Halibut with Caper Butter.

• The show was well paced and didn’t drag.

• It may be like Top Gear, but it doesn’t have Jeremy Clarkson.

What was bad about it?

• The third presenter (the improbably named Roxy Beaujolais) didn’t match up to the boys. She was nervous, looked amateurish and it was clear she was a newcomer. That’s alright for cable but not BBC2.

• The floor manager appeared to be overworking the crowd at the start, but they quietened down later on in the show, suggesting someone had had a word, or they were getting tired standing there all that time.

• Every recipe seemed to involve a great dollop of butter, making it the most cholesterol-heavy cookery programme since the Galloping Gourmet.

What were the Top 5 ingredients of the fabulous Full On Food, BBC2, Wednesday?

1. Butter. It was everywhere, making this the unhealthiest cookery show on TV. Professional brass (sorry, pub landlady) Roxy Beaujolais lobbed half a pound in just to fry a few mussels.

2. Sean Hughes. If there was any danger of newbie presenter Richard Johnson getting too cocky, Hughes quashed it by asking him how you actually get a lazy job as a restaurant critic (Johnson’s honest answer: “You have to know someone”).

3. Pollock (it’s a fish). “We’ve got a load of pollocks here” said presenter Stefan Gates to the bemused patrons of a Cornish chip shop. We thought that too.

4. That soya protein stuff that Hughes bunged in his chili fry-up (everything’s fried on this show). It looked like dessicated dog’s mess, and by the look on Johnson’s face tasted like it, too.

5. Goose fat. Yes, more grease from the high priests of high cholesterol, as Roxy shoved some in the pan to fry her sausages (perhaps she was running short of butter). Haven’t these people heard of the George Foreman Health Grill?

Full On Food, BBC2

1. Goat’s Cheese (full fat) marinated in oil (more fat)

2. Ice cream (fat) fried in oil (more fat)

3. Seasonal fruits (low fat) sauteed in butter (presumably to make them high fat).

4. Chips fried twice (in fat) . They’d previously been boiled with blow-torched hay, so the frying was the normal bit.

5. Walnut oil (more fat) dribbled over the marinated goat’s cheese.

Exclusive: The Custard’s Full On recipe for a cheese sandwich. Take two slices of bread, soak them in oil. Fry the cheese in some butter and duck fat (gives it a marvellous taste). Butter the bread, assemble sandwich if you can stop the bread slipping out of your hands onto the studio floor. Serve with a garnish of buttered rocket and deep-fried beetroot, liberally doused with almond oil and beef dripping. Delicious!

(Note for Full On Food’s producers: You’ve been had. High-fat French cuisine was a hoax invented by Napoleon to give the English heart attacks. French people eat grilled chicken and Ryvita when the Brits aren’t looking).

Five facts about Full On Food’s pub landlady Roxy Beaujolais

1. Her real name is Jenny Hoffman, and she comes from Adelaide, Australia.

2. Her pub, the Seven Stars, was built in the last year of Elizabeth I’s reign (look it up), about the same time as Roxy first applied her trademark coating of all-weather makeup.

3. She used to be front-of-house manager at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, and a chef for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

4. Trombonist Mark Nightingale wrote a song about her (“Miss Roxy Beaujolais”) which has become a minor jazz standard.

5. She’s older than Sven-Goran Eriksson.

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