The Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex, Five

by | Oct 30, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

No, we didn’t. Part titillation, part medical students’ guide to sexual health, this mess of a programme had no coherent idea of what it wanted to be. Linked by Dr Catherine Hood (a ‘Sexual Health and Relationship Expert’, apparently) this was a random series of features that meandered all over the place without a common link. Covered in this first programme were: female ejaculation; STIs; lesbianism; a guide to blowjobs; sex for the morbidly obese and internal views of a couple having penetrative sex. In the space of 40 minutes we went from aroused to repulsed, back to aroused, on to bemused and finished feeling sick. Not what you want from a 40 minute session.

What was good about it?

• The segment on female ejaculation showed Tallulah, who with some vigorous stimulation could gush fluid from her vagina. The medical community remain divided on what this fluid is actually made up of, and whether ‘squirting’ is actually possible. But Tallulah was a passionate and articulate devotee, and her vivid description of what she gets up to certainly got our interest!

• Lou Paget’s guide to giving oral sex (or ‘blowjobs’ – a term she disliked) should be made required viewing. That lady knows what she’s doing.

• The articulate girls who explained why they preferred lesbianism.

• The couple wearing miniature cameras (one inside her and one on his penis) and having sex was interesting, if only erotic for those who like shots of interior body parts. We couldn’t help wondering how uncomfortable it must have been!

What was bad about it?

• The ‘Clinical Sexologist’ (it may surprise you that she was American) brandishing a plastic model of a woman’s genitalia that looked like Waldorf – or is it Stadler? – from the Muppet Show.

• The cuts from features clearly intended to arouse, to discussions about STi’s – complete with graphic photos. A soup ladle to the genitals couldn’t have deflated matters any quicker.

• The sex life of obese people was fine as a feature, but when they were interviewing 35-stone Teighlor who was dressed only in a negligee, we were unfortunately reminded of the overuse of prosthetics in Lord of the Rings.

• The final shot of the programme featured a trailer for next week’s show, and a shot of the bloody mess of a man’s genitalia – minus his severed penis. We felt severely deflated.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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