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Did we like it?

It’s not a patch on Sptting Image; it’s not even as good as 2DTV, but we’re suckers for satire and there was enough in this CGI comedy series to make it an enjoyable watch.

What was good about it?

* We suspected that a lot of the political jibes would confuse the average ITV viewer (even the ones who tune in to News At Ten) but who cares about them? We appreciated some of the political humour (“I’ve not felt such exhilaration since raising the small companies’ tax threshold”). However, Spitting Image existed in a time when politicians were grotesque and memorable; Headcases exists at a time when most politicians are faceless or dull – a handicap that had the writers a little hamstrung.

• We must admit that even we, us semi-geniuses, didn’t realise that Heather Mills was supposed to be Medusa (who she?) but we did laugh at her shameless airs and graces (“£5000 for a kitchen? What kind of B-class hovel are they living in?!”).

• The Madonna video in which she grows testicles in her leotard was the only item that made us laugh out loud.

• Jordan’s breasts that squeaked like balloons – the only funny thing, alas, in the Katie/Peter sketch which was the laziest satire on the show.

• Victoria Beckham bragging about her Smash Hits award for best single and her attempt to woo Steven Spielberg with a Viennetta.

• The chavvy versions of Helen Mirren and Judi Dench took a long time to amuse us – it was only when they turned on non-dame Kate Winslett that we laughed.

• Some of the William/Harry sketch was funny (eg “Great bit of down to earth banter, bro,” and the order for “a pizza that a roadsweeper might order, or a vet or a Sugababe.”)

• Tony Blair agreeing to open an Oddbins in Stoke. “I’ll do it if it’s cash.”

• The technology was fantastic; the CGI renditions of famous folk were excellent. Pity the quality of the writing failed to match the visual impact.

What was bad about it?

• The satirical pokes were always predictable: eg Gordon Brown portrayed as dour, Posh Spice portrayed as overbearing; William and Harry portrayed as squares desperate to be hip; Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse portrayed as folk who are partial to drink and drugs. Yes, we know all that and were hoping for more creativity in the caricaturing.

• President Sarkozy writhing to Mr Bombastic wasn’t funny – and a bit of a dud item to kick off the show.

• Heavy items falling on Piers Morgan is nice in theory, not so funny in execution.

• The failure to exploit David Cameron’s risible opportunism. His desperate efforts to evade questions on Europe, and his monocle, were only slightly amusing.

• Old Mugabe Had A Farm struggled into life. “I’ve got pigs to shear,” was the funniest quote.

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