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Did we like it?

Did we ever?! This pilot episode of the Doug Liman (Swingers, The Bourne Identity) produced US drama was well-plotted, fast-paced and clever. A great cast of characters are introduced over the course of this opening episode, and we were left eager for the next instalment, as professional thief Mickey O’Neil’s (Dougray Scott) team plots a huge heist on Rodeo Drive jewellery stores. We will definitely be sticking with this.

What was good about it?

• Micky’s team of villains and Amy Sykes’ (Michele Hicks) LAPD robbery team are both packed with interesting, likeable characters, and this refusal to clearly delineate the good and bad guys works very well.

• This opener featured Nicky’s team planning a bank job so that they would have enough funds for their jewellery heist plans. But also carrying out bank raids were a really nasty Russian crew whose modus operandi was to kidnap someone, strap a remote controlled bomb to their chest, and send them in to get the money. The first attempt goes badly, as Micky’s right-hand man James, exasperated by being beaten to the punch, tips off the cops that a robbery is in progress. The pizza delivery boy who has been forced to steal the money, meets an unfortunate end as the Russians detonate the bomb and turn him into so much pizza topping. We never though we’d cheer such gratuitous nastiness, but as the delivery boy is played by Zac Efron (Troy in the execrable High School Musical films) we figured he’d got what was coming to him.

• We loved the opening scene where Micky and James ensure they have enough time to rob a jewellers by setting the alarm off two or three times from the control box across the street. Eventually the cops stop turning up to check it out, which is when Micky puts the glass door through and they clean it out.

• We were given a glimpse of some of the gang’s back-stories. On a previous job, Micky had been shot and left for dead by the guy who is now living with his ex-wife and daughter! And we see Pops’ motivation – his wife has Alzheimers.

• We also loved the ill-matched partnership of Detective O’Brien – fat, white Irish-American racist – and Detective Evans, a fit, serious, African-American.

What was bad about it?

• You can see the romance between Micky and Detective Sykes coming from a mile away.

• NBC have cancelled the show after just 7 episodes. Boooo!

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