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by | Sep 18, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

The dark, delicious drama returns with more delightful horror and spooky plots to frighten even a Dalek.

What to say if you didn’t like it

It’s little more than Buffy’s slightly scarier stalker, and for this new series they’ve even imported a demon slayer.

What was good about it?

• The new Garbage theme music in which Shirley Manson deliriously drawls over some suitably gothic drums.

• The unflinching attitude towards showing brutal violence was welcome in a world where the bane of realistic horror, the “12 Certificate”, is robbing the

genre of many of its visceral thrills. Instances in this first episode included ostensibly immortal Demon Slayer Ella slitting the throat of a witch Azazeal impregnated in 1849, and the hapless Felix having his innards gouged out and relocated about three miles away by one of the Nephelim.

• The sharp dialogue between heroine Cassie and her dead friend Thelma, as Cassie wrestles with the revelation she has given birth to a child fathered by a demon, and Thelma comes to terms with being dead yet still in possession of the sensual compulsions of a teenage lesbian (which she partially assuaged by fondling a corpse in the morgue).

• Felix was a new sympathetic character who was unfortunately killed off at the end of the episode. He also represented the stereotypically geeky, awkward

teenage lad who will form the bulk of Hex’s viewers, and was a cipher to show them no matter how close you may get to the very pretty girl in your English class who likes the same miserable music as you do, she will never, ever fancy you; especially if she says you are “sweet”, which is the teen code for: “I don’t mind occasional flattery, but don’t engage me in conversations of longer than three minutes as it will damage my ‘street-cred’.” The near-bestial brutality of the Nephelim that slaughters Felix is the boorish rugby player who will win her heart in the geek’s stead with his flexing coconut biceps and thrusting masculine quadriceps.

What was bad about it?

• We still can’t quite grasp the exact the inconsistencies behind Thelma the ghost. Why when Cassie speaks to her does nobody else hear her and assume she’s going mad? Why can Thelma pick up things and make a noise when walking but nobody hears her or sees the objects moving? Why, when Cassie broke into Dr Surtees’ surgery, did Thelma bother to whisper to her friend when she could have loud-hailed her through

a megaphone without being heard? And why did Cassie risk being detected when breaking into Dr Surtees’ office when Thelma could have gone in surreptitiously alone and found the information Cassie needed?

• The plot for this first episode worked at re-establishing characters and introducing new ones (not hard enough in Thelma’s case and rather pointlessly with regard to Felix), which left a rather nebulous plotline which will strengthen in future episodes but here was only enlivened by Felix’s death at the hands of the gargoyle-esque Nephelim and Ella’s neat electrifying execution of the murderous devil.

• For a tale which is meant to hold ominous portents for the whole of humanity the action seems rather confined and cramped like one of those old Dr Who stories where two eternally warring factions are separated by trenches about 10 feet apart.

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