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Did we like it?

Laughing at people who are so up themselves they are on the way back down was amusing for a little while, but this rag bag of an interior design magazine was a muddled mess.

What was good about it?

• Ha ha ha, let’s have a good laugh at Jane Reed, living in her home in Warrington where everything is tiger-print or zebra-print. “There’s no tackiness in this house,” she claimed. How we roared!

• Ha ha ha, let’s have a good laugh at Aida, convincing footballers (eg the Redknapps, the Le Sauxs) to hire her at great expense to fill their homes with expensive tat.

• Ha ha ha, let’s have a good laugh at Layla Marmarchi, falling for Aida’s bullshit and buying a £5,000 light as the centrepiece to her “bordello chic” lounge, which looked more “whorehouse horrible” to our eyes.

• Ha ha ha, let’s have a good laugh at the Nelems. Their pokey Blackpool flat has silly fancy angels, an electric organ and “the chandelier… it’s like the icing on the ceiling.”

What was bad about it?

• The claim that this was “a show about houses with one big difference — it’s about living in them” should have been replaced by “a show about houses with one big difference — it’s worse than all the others.”

• The item on wallpaper coming back, illustrated with some horrible examples that The Trendy have been coerced into loving.

• Nonsensical Nina Campbell suggesting we use fabrics to pull the room together and don’t have single chairs because the shy guest at your party will sit there and stay there unnoticed.

• We like the creations of furniture designer Ron Arad – but the item on him was crammed in among the plasma TVs, home-painted plates and the magnetic wallpaper.

• Despite claiming to be useful, Home was simply a chance to snoop. A quick flick through Hello! would have been more satisfying.

• There was no self-important presenter so we can’t vent our annoyance at one particular person.

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