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What was it like?

Like many sketch shows, it was hit and miss. Liking any parts of this particular episode feels like a guilty pleasure. It has the quotable factor; we were re-enacting lines the following morning besides the office water cooler. Therefore, this show has potential. However, due to Horne and Corden’s egos its creditability could go either way…

What was good about it?

• James Corden’s fairly decent Ricky Gervais impression and a great dig at Ricky’s Hollywood adoration by saying that doing The Karate Kid 14 was “better than doing a British movie”. With some tighter dialogue, this could have been brilliant.

• The school cock drawing class was on-the-money genius! References to “stern conversations at parents evening” and “have you got something better to do son” brought back harrowing memories of secondary school. Not to mention the cringe factor of two male teachers double teaming a lesson and thinking they were the next Morecambe and Wise. So we’ll forgive the irregularities of camera men and the studio audience in too many shots!

• The sketch involving a middle class Horne and his family encountering Corden’s old drunken school friend from hell by the riverside was sick and twisted (“7+9=16…that’s MY dream!’ was the reaction when he found out the ages of the daughters) but damn funny!

What was bad about it?

• The Spider-man meets Superman/superheroes off-duty sketch was covering old ground. It’s been done far too many times and frankly been done better.

• The gay TV journalist was an appalling stereotype (they probably thought it was post-modern, in which case they’re idiots)

• The entire show seems to be one huge excuse for James Cordon to take his top off!

• These two are likable and talented guys but seriously, someone needs to pull them to aside and break it to them that they are not ever going to be comedy legends. They’re Brits-presenting performance was a harrowingly painful example of this.

Granted, Corden wrote Gavin and Stacey, but: 1. That was with the aid of Ruth Jones. 2. It’s well known that Gavin and Stacey isn’t full of belly laughs. People don’t appreciate it for its humour. No, it’s successful because it has the ability to connect with the viewer, warm their heart and cause them to re-examine their own relationships. Whether it’s with their partner, friends or family. It has feelgood factor written all over it and people feel better after watching it.

• Horne and Cordon have missed that point and instead are on a complete ego trip to conquer the world. They’re just everywhere at the moment (a film coming soon). ‘Less if more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ are two phrases that they should apply to their career plans. Being overexposed doesn’t necessarily guarantee success and it certainly doesn’t grant you with genuine talent.

– Liam Smedley

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