How To Look Good Naked, Channel 4

by | Jun 27, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Although we find most makeover shows nauseating and exploitative, this new series has a real feelgood element.

What was good about it?

• We were ready to suggest Gok Wan should Go Wank anagrammatically when we saw this odd asexual chap but he’s actually one of the least offensive makeover gurus ever to grace our screens – not too stereotypically camp and always ready with a kind word (“oh my darling”, “thank you, sweetie”).

• There was no attempt to humiliate the subect: Susan Sharpe, a size 16, 46-year-old from Yorkshire, who felt she was “fat, awful, ugly.”

• Gok found some good clobber that suited Susan while a woman described as “the grande dame of underwear” told her she’d been shoving her a 32G bust into a 38C bra for 20 years and squeezed her into one better suited to supporting that hefty chest.

• The denoument when a photo of a naked Susan was projected on to a wall in London and attracted admiring glances. (If she has any sense, she’ll now be demanding her ugly hubby gets sorted, too)

What was bad about it?

• The misleading title designed to lure in those seeking a bit of titillation on a Tuesday evening. It should really be called How To Look Good In High Street Fashions because the nudity element only cropped up at the end.

• Gok’s bullshitty exclamations that “the gypsy feel is perfect this season” and “this kind of thing [sequins] is massive this season.”

• Gok’s specs – from welder-wear to Dame Edna.

Luke Knowles

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