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Daleks, Weeping Angels, Silurians and Sea Devils; just some of the Doctor Who villains we already knew were returning to our screens for the forth coming series. Hence, why this specially produced trailer shown between ‘Total Wipe-out’ and ‘Let’s Dance for Sport Relief’ by BBC One seemed utterly pointless and may have done Matt Smith’s first series as the travelling time hero more harm than good. Acting as a dangling carrot that show cased nothing new; accept some forced and uncomfortable lines by Smith and Karen Gillian, as his new assistant Amy. Beginning with the pair laid on a hill staring at the stars, Amy remarks that one is flickering, the Doctor replies ‘Yeah, sorry I thought I fixed that.’ (Cringe!) Amy asks ‘Who are you?’ Doctor: ‘I’m the Doctor.’ Amy: ‘Doctor Who?’ (Cringe!) Suddenly the ground opens, to reveal the newly designed time vortex swallowing the Doctor and his companion backwards in the effect style of Doctor Evil’s time machine in Austin Powers 2 (Cringe!) Swirling around the vortex are all the villains we already know about; Daleks and Weeping Angels, with the Doctor wrestling them to protect Amy. The vortex closes and the couple return to their initial positions, as the Doctor asks where Amy would like to go first-they are flung apart again as a Sea devil’s face flies forward
We get that this trailer is in the same vein of the Tennant and Eccleston ‘So you wanna come with me?’ from years gone by. But from our new show runner and our favourite writer Steven Moffat we had higher hopes. 2009 and 2010 have been big years for ‘Who’ fans, we saw David Tennant as our favourite Doctor of all time proclaiming ‘I don’t want to go’ before bursting into a ball of flames. Emerging from these flames was Matt Smith who in the last seconds of ‘The End of Time’ and his first as the 11th Doctor showed promise. To accompany this was the astounding trailer on BBC Three after ‘Doctor Who confidential’ which was so action packed and insightful that in comparison it makes this latest effort look all the more embarrassing, which can only be described as style over substance. Perhaps when we see it in 3D before Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ its intentions will become clear and it’ll pack more punch.
The Doctor is certainly a hard role to cast, whoever the chap is they have to look old and young at the same time-not an easy task to display the wisdom of a 900 year old Lord of Time all the while fulfilling the part of a dashing hero. Sadly for Matt Smith, he has it all to lose and everything to gain. Opinions of him will swing either way after his first episode is screened. By Easter time we’ll either be pondering ‘David who?’ or Smith’s going to tank considerably. Of course we wish him all the best and want to see him succeed and all of those cynics proclaiming that they won’t watch prove that they were never true ‘Doctor Who’ fans after all-but decided to hop on the Tennant band wagon.

We were never a fan of the self indulgent Russell T. Davies, so when we heard that the writer of our favourite ‘Who’ episodes such as ‘The Girl in the Fireplace,’ ‘Blink’ and ‘Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead’, Steven Moffat was taking over we leaped with joy. However, we hope from this evidence that he hasn’t bottled it and lost his edge because the 2010 trailer has a feeling of the 2003 remake of ‘Peter Pan.’ So let’s just hope that this is but a bump in the road and Moffat really has stayed true to his dark roots. As the man himself put it the day after Matt Smith was announced ‘The 11th Doctor is here and the universe has never been safer.’ However, if the same goes for the franchise is yet to be determined.

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