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by | Apr 5, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you like it

A dark tale of morality. Well told, well played, well worth watching.

What to say if you dislike it

Stuff Huff. It’s duff fluff.

What’s good about it?

• Hank Azaria shines as psychiatrist Huff – a sincere man in an insincere world, who is beset by the sort of mishaps Larry David suffers in Curb Your Enthusiasm. But while Larry deserved all he got, Huff is an angel.

• Huff’s Angelic credentials are established when he goes out of his way to help a homeless Hungarian man. And that makes the following scene all the more disturbing – and unfair – when a gay teen shoots himself in the head in Huff’s office, splattering the psychiatrist’s certificates with blood and splattering Huff’s confidence.

• The show skillfully switches from darkness to light – the funniest moment came when Huff’s next patient, who was nervy enough already, fled after seeing the gore.

• Blythe Danner as Huff’s malicious mother, Izzy. She’s TV’s best mother from hell since Tony Soprano’s mamma.

• Paget Brewster as Huff’s sexy wife Beth who faces constant carping from her mother-in-law – but eventually fights back “You haven’t taken your tit out of his mouth for 42 years. I’m surprised the man can stand upright.”

• Anton Yelchin as Huff’s son Bird – TV’s best nerd teen since Seth in The OC. He has a very sweet relationship with his father – and a nice curly mop of hair. When nasty Izzy heard he wanted to volunteer at a paediatric cancer centre, she enquired: “Why would you want to spend time with sick children?”

• Oliver Platt as Huff’s self-destructive best friend/lawyer Russell Tupper, who was only too keen to sexually harass a redheaded woman with no neck who was suing her firm because she hadn’t been sexually harassed there. “All the other chicks in the office get their titties gawped and their asses pinched.”

• The montage of patients including the women who wants to give up her medication (“I miss promiscuity, hallucinogens and self mutilation”) and a woman who is being driven mad by her partner’s knuckle cracking.

• A really inventive title sequence.

• Huff puffs. We love TV’s smokers.

What’s bad about it?

• It suffers a mild case of flashbackitis

• Do we need to see another mid-life crisis in LA’s well-off world?

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