I’m a Celebrity: All about the Saviours.

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It’s time for Lucy to prove herself, Matthew is at breaking point and Kian and Alfonso have had enough. With another surprise in store for these celebrities tension is mounting and the cracks are beginning to show.

While everyone discussed the snoring habits in camp and Joey questioned if his snoring days will ever come, Ant and Dec explained the new voting rules for last nights episode. Instead of voting for a Bushtucker Trial victim, the public had to choose two ‘Camp Saviours’ who will compete in a series of challenged to win immunity tokens for the other camp members in order to be exempt from the public vote offs.

Cocky Lucy gets trail from the public.

Before the saviours were announced, it was Lucy’s turn to face the trial “Limo-Scream” which meant she had to search through a stretch limousine filled with disgusting jungle junk and creatures- most notably the trunk filled with liver, hearts and kidneys. Despite being stressed and afraid before starting, she powered through and managed an impressive ten out of twelve stars.

Back at camp, the celebs were struggling with the Australian heat. Matthew in particular was trying to cause a revolution and was convincing the others to take a vow of silence in order for the show to pull down the canopy to give them shade. Kian however was more interested in hearing from Lucy how she got on in the trial- seeing as no one else was interested in having the canopy lowered as there was plenty of shade around camp and down by the creek. This all culminated in Matthew rather harshly an dramatically calling Kian a scab and accusing him of undermining him- thankfully Kian retorted and told him where to go. I think we’re all in favour of Matthew taking a vow of silence and hopefully he won’t be awarded with any immunity tokens. The sooner he gets out of there, the better.

In other news, there have been problems in camp with contraband…well it wouldn’t be a series of “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” without it. The camp mates were threatened with losing some of the meals that Lucy had earned in the trial unless the contraband was handed in. Naturally, various forbidden items were retrieved from everyone’s belongings- it was a close call when Amy very nearly didn’t give up her chewing gum, however once Lucy had outed her secret to the camp she didn’t have a choice. Tensions are definitely tightening between these two and it’s only a matter of time before trouble erupts. However, it’s not only Lucy with a problem with Amy- her sloth like speed when drying the dishes irritated both Anabelle and Laila resulting in her being removed from the task altogether. Alfonso also expressed that he was on the brink of an explosion and should he become anymore annoyed he will snap.

The end of the episode saw the reveal of the ‘Camp Saviours’- Joey and Kian- an unsurprising choice seeing that they seem to be the two strongest campers and most likeable. It’ll be interesting to see who they choose to be immune from the public vote.

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