I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Joey can’t blow his nose.

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We’re into day 4 in the jungle and after a break for the football on Tuesday; it was back with a full 90 minutes of Essex Entertainment.

The show began with showing us Tuesday nights’  trial named ‘Up to your neck in it’ which saw Matthew and Joey standing in a human sized hour glass while sand poured in until it reached their chins- and all they had to do was stay put for a whole ten minutes. Oh, and they were showered with various creepy crawlies. It seemed to be a close call for Joey whose courage began to waver when his claustrophobia began to set in, but in all fairness to him, he stayed.  Then the bugs began to fall- starting with the seemingly harmless meal worms which were apparently stinging Joey, followed by Crickets and Cockroaches that were eating his mole and then the crabs which he was most wary of in case their pincers gave him an accidental haircut which would be a shame, because he likes his hair long. Matthew on the other hand, got an earful of cricket for his troubles but even that couldn’t win him the meals. We were again at deadlock and the final task was to estimate when they had been in the task for a further sixty seconds and the one closest to the time would be the winner. Magically, Joey won again giving the explanation that “I told you I was good at counting, I used to count all the time.” So, in this year’s jungle battle, it really does seem that Joey is champion.

In other news, Lucy awoke to find herself feeling under the weather with a sore throat- at which, Alfonso made a snide remark that it could be the cause of her wearing very little clothing….I wonder what he’ll make of Amy when the camps combine?  Even though the football caused the show to have a night off on Tuesday night, that didn’t mean the campmates were awarded the same luxury. Chosen for the Bushtucker Trial for that night was Rebecca and Joey who were pitted against Kian and Alfonso, and instead of being pelted with bugs or buried alive, all they had to do was hold on to what was essentially a punch bag above a pool of water- the last one hanging would be the winner. You’d think with her Olympian strength and stamina that Rebecca would dominate this trial. She was the first to go. Followed by Alfonso. Kian and Joey were left hanging. With the age difference and how Joey wasn’t shy at showing off his impressive abs, that he would win yet another trial. Instead, he tried his hand at distracting Kian and spent his time doing all he could to loosen Kian’s grip. Not the best plan, since he used all of his energy and fell into the pool. Crocodile Creek were finally awarded some meals.

As well as Bushtucker trials, the campmates had to compete for their luxury items. Is it me, or is this show getting harsher as the years go on? Matthew wasn’t particularly bothered in doing his challenge as he felt exhausted from all of the previous trials, but a word from Lucy about how important her luxury item was to her, he gave it a go. Amy on the other hand was full of enthusiasm and went for it. It required them to stay awake all night, and when the time came they had to ring their respective camps and were given a ten digit code to remember. If they could type it into the keypad perfectly, they won their luxury item. Of course, they had to do this five times throughout the night. Matthew, the gentleman that he is, offered Amy to sleep and he would wake her when the time came to phone the camps. A dirty tactic if you ask me, when it came to her waking up and remembering the code, she was very drowsy and it of course effected her performance. Neither of them did particularly well, Amy won Steve and Rebecca’s luxury items- toothpicks and a blanket; both of which they presumably could have lived without for the next couple of weeks, but Matthew won Alfonso, David and Lucy’s items- Alfonso’s electric razor, David’s massager and Lucy’s pillow which had photos of her daughter and husband printed on. So, despite his reluctance it was a successful haul for the Yellow Camp.

The episode ended with the two camps merging, and just like every year, the campmates of Crocodile Creek were in silent protest, claiming in the hut that the new campmates had better live by their rules or else! And as with every episode, the votes were in for the next Bushtucker Trial, and no matter how drawn out Ant and Dec make the results, there was very little surprise that facing tonight’s trial is Joey. As entertaining as the boy is, it’s becoming difficult to get to know the other campmates- it feels like The Joey Essex Show right now and despite it being hilarious, I think it’s time we see some other celebs put through the Bushtucker torture. At least if someone else is doing the trials, it frees up Joey’s time and he can use it learn how to blow his nose.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here continues Tonight on ITV.

Contributed by Helen Robertson 

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