I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Meet the Campmates

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This afternoon ITV1 officially announced the names of the first ten celebrities who will feature in this year’s series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Among them a couple of soap stars, a former Doctor Who, a boxer, a Pussycat Doll and most controversially a serving MP who has recently been stripped of her title. Here at The Custard TV we thought we’d provide a guide as most of you are unlikely to have heard of all ten of these contestants. 

Ashley Roberts

Who is she?: She was a member of The Pussycat Dolls and since quitting two years ago has embarked on a solo career.

Her Biggest Phobia: Enclosed spaces and rats.

What she’ll miss while in the jungle: Her dogs and attending Thanksgiving with all of her family.

Reason for going on the show: To let know everybody know that she’s still around.

Initial Thoughts: Obviously most of us are just aware of two Pussycat Dolls – Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Wyatt however apparently Ashley is one of the more entertaining members of the group. As the only female contestant who is currently unattached she is the obvious choice to form a relationship with one of the camp’s single men. I also feel she’s going to be fighting to get under that waterfall as I’m guessing she’s bought a few bikinis along with her.

Chances of Winning: I’d say fairly slim as an American has never won the show before and I think there are a couple of national treasures who will get more screen time than her.

Brian Conley 

Who is he? A legendary British entertainer who fronted such shows as Live from her Majesty’s and The Brian Conley Show and at the peak of his career was the highest paid male television personality in the UK. In addition he has dabbled in acting, most memorably in the ITV sitcom The Grimleys, and is also known for playing Buttons in countless productions of Cinderella.

His Biggest Phobia: He was afraid of rats but he recently visited a farm in Newcastle that specialised in the rodents in order to quash this fear.

What he’ll miss while in the jungle: His wife, his family and most importantly food.

Reason for going on the show: It’s an experience money can’t buy and one that he knows he’ll take to the grave with him.

Initial Thoughts: I think by and far he’ll be the most entertaining contestant this year and provide laughter throughout the programme’s run. As he his by all accounts a national treasure he’ll be well respected by the majority of the campers and I think the public will take to him straight away.

Chances of Winning: He’s currently the bookies’ favourite and I’d agree with although it is incredibly early days I would say Brian has the early lead to win the whole thing.

Charlie Brooks

Who is she?: Actress best known for portraying the villainous vixen Janine Butcher a role she has played on and off for the last thirteen years. Away from Eastenders she also starred in the 2005 BBC adaptation of Bleak House and was the winner of last year’s Christmas Special of Strictly Come Dancing.

Her Biggest Phobia: She really doesn’t have any though she doesn’t particularly like the thought of rats and insects crawling all over her body.

What she’ll miss while in the jungle: Her daughter Kiki as the pair have been inseparable for the past few months while they travelled through Europe together.

Reason for going on the show: The fact that she love news adventures and is looking forward to jumping out of a plane.

Initial Thoughts: I really think it will be interesting to see what Charlie Brooks is like as we automatically think of her as Janine however reading her profile I think she’ll be one of the more placid characters in there. Soap stars often do reality shows to separate themselves from their characters and I think most of us will find Charlie is a pleasant girl with a motherly spirit. As Charlie is also due to return to Eastenders at some point I don’t think she’ll do too much to disgrace herself.

Chances of Winning: I think she may have a shot due to the Eastenders fans voting however I don’t think she’ll make that much of an impact to keep viewers voting for her throughout the series.

Colin Baker 

Who is he?: An actor best known for playing the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who between 1984 and 1986 though he also played a pivotal role in the BBC drama The Brothers during the 1970s. In recent years Baker has mainly devoted his acting work to the stage, though he did appear in the first episode of Jonathan Creek, and also writes a weekly column for local paper Bucks Free Press.

His Biggest Phobia: He says he has fear of heights and is also not too fond of spiders.

What he’ll miss while in the jungle: His family and some of the rehearsals for the pantomime he’s appearing in in Bournemouth.

Reason for going on the show: To lose weight and his aim is to lose a stone and a half while he’s in the jungle.

Initial Thoughts: Like Conley, I would say that Baker is a national treasure and it will be hard not to like him. Though at 69 he’s the oldest candidate I do still think he’ll be quite lively and he may well have at least one major outburst while he’s there.

Chances of Winning: Fairly strong though due to his age and health there is a chance he’ll leave of his own accord before being voted out.

David Haye

Who is he?: A professional boxer most notable for his reign as WBA heavyweight champion and unified World Cruiserweight Champion.

His Biggest Phobia: Losing

What he’ll miss while in the jungle: His gadgets and Boy’s Toys as well as a bit of training.

Reason for going on the show: So the audience can see the real him away from the violent boxing press conferences and in-ring performances. As a solo performer he also wants to see if he can be part of  a team and he wants to participate in as many challenges as possible.

Initial Thoughts: I think David Haye is possibly the biggest name in this year’s jungle and I think it’s quite a coup for the producers to tempt him onto the show. Due to his size and authoritative nature I can see him initially becoming the unofficial leader of the group although he may well become restless if they rely on him for too much. I can also see him being involved in any arguments that may break out in camp but overall I do think he’ll provide a fair bit of entertainment.

Chances of Winning: Going in I think he’ll be one of the favourites though I think it’ll all depend on how he acts when he’s in the jungle.

Eric Bristow 

Who is he?: A five time World Darts Champion who in the 1980s helped turn darts into a worldwide spectator sport and is still regarded as the ‘biggest ever name in world darts’ he was also awarded with an MBE in 1989 for services to sport. Since retiring from the sport Eric has toured the UK as an after-dinner speaker and also entertains audiences on Darts Exhibitions.

His Biggest Phobia: He claims to have none but I guess this will be proved when he gets into the jungle.

What he’ll miss while in the jungle: Attending a TV Darts Tournament in Wolverhampton.

Reason for going on the show: Apparently he likes doing mad things so when he was offered the show he accepted because he is ‘nuts and mad.’

Initial Thoughts: I honestly think he’ll be the camper that mucks in with everything from the cooking to volunteering to do the tasks. He seems like an amiable chap and, according to those who have met him, he’s a really big character with a lot to give so I doubt he’ll wind any of the other campers up the wrong way.

Chances of Winning: Though he’ll do quite well in the contest I just don’t see him winning unless he is able to win over the audience in the first few days.

Helen Flanagan 

Who is she?: An actress primarily known for playing Rosie Webster in Coronation Street since 2000 when she was just ten years old.

Her Biggest Phobia: Jumping out of planes and spiders.

What she’ll miss while in the jungle: Her boyfriend Manchester City striker Scott Sinclair and her sister’s 20th birthday party.

Reason for going on the show: To do something people don’t expect of her and show people how different to her Coronation Street character she actually is.

Initial Thoughts: At just 22 Helen is the youngest camper in this year’s jungle and is also the one who is destined to be under that waterfall the most as she admits she has packed three bikinis in her suitcase. Like with Charlie, I believe Helen will show what she’s really like while in the jungle however I think she’s been chiefly cast as this year’s eye candy.

Chances of Winning: As she has the Coronation Street voters behind she may get further than expected though pretty girls rarely win this show.

Hugo Taylor 

Who is he?: A reality TV star best known for appearing on Made in Chelsea a programme he recently left to concentrate on his role in PR.

His Biggest Phobia: Small spaces, the underground and spiders.

What he’ll miss while in the jungle: His friends, family and girlfriend.

Reason for doing the show: He wants people to see that he doesn’t just interact with people from Chelsea and wants to change the impression people have of him since appearing on Made in Chelsea.

Initial Thoughts: Until reading that he had a girlfriend I’d got the impression that, like Mark Wright last year, he’d been put in the jungle to be the male half of this year’s jungle couple presumably with Ashley Roberts. Away from being the love interest I think posh Hugo will rub some people up the wrong way and maybe part of some fiery arguments.

Chances of Winning: I really don’t see Hugo charming many of the viewers at home and I’m making the bold prediction that he’ll be one of the first to go.

Linda Robson 

Who is she?: An actress best known for playing Tracey in the long-running sitcom Birds of a Feather a role she recently reprised in a stage version of the show. Linda has also been part of the Grumpy Old Women franchise and recently has appeared on the Loose Women panel while she’s also no stranger to reality TV having taken part on celebrity versions of Masterchef, Come Dine with Me and Fame Academy.

Her Biggest Phobia: Being trapped in enclosed spaces while she also had a fear of rats until being hypnotised on This Morning six months ago.

What she’ll miss while in the jungle: Her family in particular her granddaughter and her husband’s birthday.

Reason for doing the show: For the experience as her friends who’ve appeared on the programme, including Jenny Eclair, have only had good things to say about it.

Initial Thoughts: Due to her age and her warm nature I can definitely see Linda becoming the mother of the group though I do think she’ll hold her own throughout the duration of the show. I think she and Brian will be the main sources of comedy during the show while she’ll also muck in with anything that needs doing in the camp.

Chances of Winning: While I think she’s brilliant I’m not sure she’ll be one of the contestants that people vote for every night.

Nadine Dorries 

Who is she?: A conservative MP who became a member of the House of Commons in 2005 and currently serves the district of Mid-Bedfordshire. Nadine’s appearance on the show has caused controversy in recent days as she has been suspended from the Tory party by the Chief Whip as it is felt she has abandoned her constituents in order to appear on the programme.

Her Biggest Phobia: Rats and Mice.

What she’ll miss while in the jungle: Her daughters, her dogs and most notably her work which is why she’s been suspended by the party.

Reason for doing the show: She wants to use the platform to speak to an audience who wouldn’t normally be interested in politics. Her biggest campaign is to reduce the time limit for abortion in Great Britain from 24 to 20 weeks however I’m thinking that her discussions about this topic may well be edited out of the final show.

Initial Thoughts: Her appearance on the programme has definitely attracted mass publicity, which I suppose was one of the reasons for booking her, and I reckon she will initially be seen as the hate figure so in turn will have to participate in a fare few of the trials. I do have a feeling though that Nadine may be a bit of a surprise element, in a similar way to series five winner Carol Thatcher, and may win some people round as long as she’s not too controversial in camp.

Will she win: While I think she may do better than some expect I still think it’ll be one of the better known characters that ultimately triumphs.

Personally I think this year’s line-up is alright as it covers a mix of ages, professions and I reckon there’s at least one person in there that everybody will be familiar with. Though I’m excepting at least two more celebrities to enter the camp at some point at the moment I’m more than happy with the ten that have already been announced.

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