I’m a Celebrity: How can you confuse Cher with Cher Lloyd!?

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It’s been nearly a week since our celebs entered the jungle. There have been trials and tribulations but nothing can bring these campers down.

They were given an unexpected night off last night as it was the two newbies who would be subjected to the Bushtucker trial. After their ordeal in the Outback Factory the night before and securing what they thought was six meals for the other celebs, Ant and Dec had another surprise for them in store. At the Bushtucker clearing they were greeted with the set up of a little cafe, but they weren’t there to eat any meals, they merely had to hold something in their mouth for twenty seconds. That sounds easy enough, right? Well, when that something is a critter of some kind and scurries and burrows inside your mouth, it’s easier said than done. This trial however was to determine who was to win the meals that were already won. Confused? I was too. Ananbelle and Vincent were competing head to head for their place in camp and to take the six meals with them- however, it was entirely dependent on the other camp mates on whether they guessed correctly who would win the trial. If they chose the correct celebrity, they would win the meals, should they choose the wrong celebrity, they would go without. After much deliberation, they decided that Vincent would be the safest bet and chose him.

The trial began with them having to hold a stick insect in their mouth for twenty seconds, despite both being terrified and in Anabelle’s case, a blubbering wreck, they managed to get through round one fairly easy. The burrowing cockroach was not as pleasant, as was the agitated yabbie. Vincent had some trouble with a snappy water spider making Anabelle not wanting to even attempt it. But, they both seemed to be as brave as the other and it all came down to the tie breaker, and it was back to the old faithful- drinking competition. Both had to race to finish a crushed bug smoothie- Anabelle seemingly savouring every bite making it all the more torturous, whereas Vincent got on with it and chugged that smoothie until he was awarded the winner. Luckily for him, the other camp members had put their money on him winning, so he was able to head on over to camp with the six stars whereas Anabelle was sent right back to the Outback Factory.

Vincent was welcomed warmly into the camp, he fit right in as soon as he arrived and they all seemed thoroughly impressed- not even an inappropriate joke to Lucy could give these guys a bad impression. Anabelle on the other hand, was presented with a map which led her to a jungle jail where she was to spend the night. She just can’t catch a break! But not to fear, Joey Essex is near….and he’s with Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Later on in the night, they were sent on a mission to complete a giant crossword and Anabelle was the only person to know the answers. So, Joey was in charge of the radio which connected to Anabelle’s cell and Alfonso needed to complete the crossword. Despite some embarrassingly simple spelling mistakes and the discovery that Anabelle once jammed her ear in a car door (“your ears must be massive”-joey) and that she shares her birthday with Cher even though she is older (“Isn’t she like 18?”-Joey…not Cher Lloyd Joey, Cher) they successfully completed the grid and Anabelle was sprung from her jail. She could now finally join the camp.

With two new camp mates and the emersion of all the other celebs’ personalities, you would think that it’s time for the public to vote in someone new for tonight’s trial. Well, think again. It seems that Joey hasn’t been on our screens as much as the public want so he’s up for another trial tonight… and with whispers of a live trial being on the way, it’s going to be a good episode.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here continues Tonight on ITV.

Contributed by Helen Robertson 

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