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by | Apr 4, 2009 | All, Reviews

What was it like?

The anti-Skins sitcom following a gang of social rejects at a comprehensive school, complete with crude humour galore and a host of acute and nostalgic observations as the boys embark on the joys of a geography field trip to Swanage.

What was good about it?

• This show beautifully plays on the ridiculous playground codes and conventions and hierarchies that tainted our youth.

• The perfect example of this is Jay, who in the first two minutes was bragging about his friend in year 13. We all remember those days, where engaging in any minor form of interaction with an individual who arrived on this earth little more than 12 months before you increased your social status.

• Plus, the idea that the back seats of the school coach are reserved for ‘the hard kids.’ A classic quote from Will when suffered the age-old ejection: ‘We don’t have to move, we got here very early to secure these seats!’

• Mr Kennedy, the geography teacher grooming Neil with vodka and Speedos.

• Lauren Harris, the stereotypical image we forever had in mind at our own school when notified that a new girl would be joining us, and not the Satan worshipping Goth we always seemed to end up with.

• The character of Jay, a hilarious example that being the class clown didn’t necessarily make you popular.

• Feisty you are’, Will’s Yoda impression and even better, Lauren’s reply; ‘Have you ever been tested for Asperger’s?’

• The perfectly timed silence during the awkwardness of Neil punching a fish to death because it was kinder than allowing it to die in the water.

What was bad about it?

• Aww do we have to? Okay, but honestly we are seriously nitpicking… One minor flaw: the whole ‘randy teens go on a geography field trip and hilarity ensues’ has been executed far too many times previously. However, it was pleasant to see it receive an Inbetweeners style twist.

• Simon Bird never looked young enough to be schoolboy Will McKenzie but we didn’t mind because he’s so funny. Now Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper), James Buckley (Jay Cartwright) and Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland) are losing their fresh-faced looks, it is sometimes hard to believe they are supposed to be schoolboys – until they open their mouths.

– Liam Smedley

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