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As we build up to Series 5 of Peaky Blinders at the end of the month, Our Michael Lee sits down with members of the cast to find out what we can expect. Below is his chat with the youngest member of the Shelby family, Finn played by Harry Kirton.

How’s Finn settling into life as an adult Peaky Blinder?

You know when you’re in hot weather and you have a jacket on and you get a bit dewy and frustrated? You probably need the toilet as well so you just want to get home. I think in Finn’s mind all he’s wanted is to do missions on his own, have that freedom to see what’s on the other side. When you finally get home, to go with this analogy or whatever it is I’m saying, you finally take the jacket off and you feel that freshness. I’m doing what I wanted to do. Season five definitely provides Finn with opportunities to express his inner Shelby that eagerly wants to come out. It foolishly leads him into circumstances. He’s too big for his boots

Is he trying to fill John’s shoes at all?

Death is a weird thing. None of the Peaky Blinders are unfamiliar with it but I’d say Finn is the most unfamiliar and when it’s someone so close…  All the other brothers went to war and though that (John’s murder) was caused by gang violence it provides the opportunity for Finn to express his anger in a world he probably hates at this point. He has some very interesting antics”

Now Finn is full of confidence, does he find a lady that doesn’t have to be paid for?!

Less so lady, more so ladies. Finn has a heart, he really does. There’s a gentleman in him but he also has the family name to live up to. You’d expect the puppy to match that of the pack”

So, in both senses, he gets more action?

He’s enjoying the snow, the whiskey, the girls, the violence and just like any dangerous animal they’re already threatening when they’re a puppy but now he’s full-blown it’s a pretty scary beast. You don’t want to get in front of him this season. He’s got street smarts but not enough.

The younger generation are learning and getting Finn and Isaiah together is always going to cause straight up antics! He has his own small gang and whatever we do we do with a heavy hand. You see it on his skin. Anthony (Byrne, the director) wanted my face paler and to have more scars”

Harry certainly has a boyish charm about him that clearly helps his character but thankfully he has a much better haircut in real life. Every question he ponders over studiously and he answers with hand gestures and a willingness to say the right thing, like a student keen to show his workings.

What’s it like to work with such an impressive ensemble cast?

It’s an honour. I’m passionate about this career I have and seeing so many different backgrounds, energies and ages on set gives me a decent stage and a decent arsenal to mimic and learn from while going forward with this season’s bigger script. 

I was a lot more nervous with this one because there’s more to do so there’s more to go wrong. It’s a real pleasure that Steven’s progressed my character and I’ve progressed as an artist. As I say, the arsenal that is next to me is that much greater than what I would learn at college or university.  Everybody is very experienced and I’m more comfortable on set. This season I’ve been given more opportunities to explore. The comfort the other cast members have given me has provided a sureness”


              Peaky Blinders Returns Sunday 25th August at 9.00pm on BBC One. 

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