Is More4’s latest US import worth singing about?

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A new US Drama began this week on More 4, Nashville is set in the city of the same name in the US and stars Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) as hit country singer Rayna James and Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) as young up and coming star Juliette Barnes.  The show is mostly about the rivalry between the established star and the new “autotuned” superstar.

My first impressions are that despite the title and the music, this is not simply a country music show, early on we see how local politics will play a huge part of the show.  Rayna’s husband Teddy, announces himself as a candidate as the next Mayor of Nashville, supported by Rayna’s father Lamar Wyatt.  Lamar and Rayna appear to have quite a frosty relationship.  Rayna’s sister, Tandy, is her father’s favourite and protégé and often acts as a peace maker between her famous sister and father.

In this pilot episode it appears that Rayna’s latest album is not doing well and the record label are keen for her to join Juliette’s upcoming tour, Rayna is not happy with this imagine Madonna having to join Justin Bieber on tour as an opening act!  In fact she walks out of a meeting with the new record label boss.

Juliette is clearly a bit of a nasty character, she is sleeping with a record producer but drops him to try and entice Rayna’s band leader and friend, Deacon, to join her in bed and on tour.  She has a long suffering PA who gets the brunt of Naomi Campbellesque diva moments, especially for allowing Juilette’s drug using mother to obtain Juilettte’s mobile number, which she uses to pester her daughter for money.

I firmly feel More 4 have another hit US show on their hands, Nashville is pacey, has a great cast and plenty of potential.  At the end of episode one a local DJ plays Rayna a song performed by some local talent which he feels could propel Rayna back to the top.  It had me gripped by where this show will go and made me instantly care about the characters.

                         Nashville continues on More4 and airs on ABC in the US.

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