Joey, Five

by | Jan 6, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

A sparkling spin-off of Friends, in which the adorable Joey journeys to LA to fully realise his acting ambitions.

What to say if you didn’t like it

After the death of Friends all of its elements were considered too diseased with familiarity for transplantation to a new host except for Joey, the dumb useless appendix.

What was good about it?• The character of Joey, though made slightly more intelligent, carries much goodwill from Friends being the only character, along with Phoebe, who was universally liked. For instance, if this show had been called Ross we would have put a brick through the

screen after five minutes.

• The distinct Tribiani-esque characters of Joey’s possessive sister Gina (Drea De Matteo) and his handsome but geeky 20-year-old nephew Michael (Paulo Constanzo) who she gave birth to when just 14.

• The witty lines that carry an obvious thread back to friends such when Gina remarked: “I thought you and Chandler should’ve moved to LA a long time ago. There’s a vibrant gay scene.”

• Other funny lines included: Michael confiding to Joey how much he and his mother have in common because “she had me when she was 22”, to which Joey responds:

“Yeah, 22. That’s why we had to change churches.”

• And Joey’s hapless audition for presenting an entertainment show. “Welcome to Hollywood minute, I’m name…?”

• At the rehearsals of Joey’s doomed ultra-violent new cable cop show where the more he punches a suspect in the face the more his white t-shirt gets soaked in blood.

What was bad about it?

While the first episode in the double bill relied on Joey’s Friends persona, the second tried a little too hard to move Joey on as a character and was crippled by the wilful shallowness which was established in Friends. The over-sentimental speech about why Joey moved to LA was particularly clumsy.

The audience’s sympathetic groan when it was revealed that Joey’s next door neighbour Alex was married after the pair had flirted the day before.

The jaunty, bland theme tune that’s even worse than I’ll Be There For You.

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