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by | Mar 20, 2009 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

A fairly average stab at a new chat show, with an impressive line up for the firstepisode featuring Catherine Tate, Billie Piper and American comedy actor, Kevin James. However, with Jonathon Ross, Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady already busy on the chat show circuit, do we really have any need for another one?

What was good?

• We’re glad that the obvious connection of having two of Doctor Who’s most recent companions on the same show within minutes of each other wasn’t avoided or washed over through the medium of the ‘Doctor-mind’ game.

• Although he isn’t brilliantly well known over here, Kevin James is a big booking. As well as being huge literally, he’s huge in America. His new film Paul Blart: Mall Cop is top of the American box office charts. James arriving on his segway certainly guaranteed him a memorable entrance. It’s shame that he wasn’t on the sofa longer in comparison to Piper and Tate.

• Billie Piper was her usually charming self.

• Err…the set was rather nice.

What was bad?

• From his banter with his house band, his obsession with musical numbers and features incorporating his love of all things retro; the entire JLC show had a feeling reminiscent of Knowing Me, Knowing You… with Alan Partridge. Partridge loves Abba and Bangkok chick boys and JLC likes Rainbow and the Back to the Future Delorean.

• If you thought Jonathon Ross was bad for leering over his guests, then you haven’t seen JLC! Everyone who walked on to the set was greeted with an awkward and lingering snog. Not to mention fondled. Poor Catherine Tate had to physically remove his gorilla hand off her left butt cheek.

• JLC’s energetic style works brilliantly on his Bring Back… series. However, he needs to tone it down a tad when reading autocue seeing as his voice remained at the same pitch and pace throughout the majority of sentences.

• Comparisons were always going to be made with The Sunday Night Project and although Piper and Tate were good entertainment value, allowing them to be booked after their recent appearances on the Channel 4 show looked desperate. Their appearance somewhat gave the impression of them being called in as ‘a favour to a mate.’ With all these attributes present, the only thing missing was Alan Carr.

• Interview questions remained pointless and uninteresting throughout. Such as ‘Have you seen David Tennant’s ten inch?’ and ‘I love you, can I kiss you?’

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