Kim Cattrall’s Sexual Intelligence, Channel 4

by | Nov 15, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

A fascinating and colourful exploration of sexual history and psychology, presented by a lady well versed in the subject matter.

What to say if you didn’t

Under the façade of a credible documentary, this was really just an excuse to deliver endless penis images, tiresome innuendo and cheesy cod-philosophy.

What was good about it?

• The bizarre opening credits which had presenter Kim Cattrall swimming in the sea like a mermaid, caressing a swan and cracking a whip while sitting on a cloud. Utterly surreal but our hostess looked amazing throughout.

• Kim was a good choice of presenter, genuinely interested in the programme’s subject matter, affable and rather glamorous to boot. She was also flexible with content, discussing both ancient art and modern orgasms with ease.

• At least the programme didn’t take itself too seriously: talking heads revealed names for their genitalia and Kim spun around on top of a giant outdoor penis in Dorset a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

• It was nice to see a show travel around the world in search of answers: we were treated to sections in Pompeii, England, Cyprus and America.

• The (semi-intentional) flashes of SATC’s Samantha Jones back on our screens: Kim couldn’t resist the odd knowing wink to the camera.

What was bad about it?

• Cod-psychology and self-help science from professors and Joe Public became the norm and made the programme extremely naff at times. One talking head noted that sex is like “walking into a house….either you’re going in the house or you’re the house” while another was convinced that being sexual is like “being in a sea”.

• Other facts presented were just blindingly obvious: “penis size and shape are important”.

The tiresome film images (mushrooms growing out of the ground, rockets launching into space, etc.) there to symbolise human genitalia.

• The show’s structure seemed confused and really went off track at times. One minute we were looking at Roman art, the next discussing slang for penises, then given a patronising biology lecture which wasn’t dissimilar from a school sex education video.

• Ultimately, we’ve heard it all before. The programme’s conclusion seemed to be ‘if you don’t use your imagination, sex isn’t as fulfilling as it can be’ – a fact that Kim’s alter ego has illustrated to us before and in a more entertaining fashion.

Luke Knowles

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