Kylie Minogue: Showgirl, Channel 4

by | Dec 28, 2005 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it

The ultimate show from the ultimate pop icon: two hours of non-stop hi-energy, spectacle and camp, with some of the most enjoyable pop songs of the last 20 years.

What to say if you didn’t like it

Charlene Ramsay.

What was good about it?

• Concerts are rarely televised (especially those which are still touring) and this bright and breezy show really perked up an otherwise predictable Saturday night of terrestrial TV programming.

• The many costume changes. Kicking off with Better The Devil You Know, Kylie made a grand, suitably OTT entrance looking like an enormous disco ostrich. She then went on to wear slinky catsuits, sexy Senorita attire, space-age glamwear and haute couture. Made Cher look dull in comparison (which is no easy feat).

• The sections representing different ‘Kylies’ worked well, in particular the Smiley Kylie segment. She sang Shocked, What Do I Have To Do and Spinning Around surrounded by dancers decked in day-glo while Summer of Love/Acid House iconography flashed all around.

Boredom was not an option as our Princess of Pop © belted out hit after hit after hit with no time for catching her breath. If a song wasn’t to our taste (which didn’t happen often), we soon forgot when a classic like Slow or Can’t Get You Out Of My Head began.

• I Believe In You. One of Kylie’s best ever singles, a gloriously addictive slice of pop perfection, aided by lush melodies from the Scissor Sisters and a routine which saw her dance on top of a revolving wedding cake.

• Contrary to misguided popular belief, Kylie not only sang live but did so with a strong, resilient voice (and hit some impressively high notes during Confide In Me).

• Kylie’s enthusiastic willingness to face her sometimes cheesy musical past was admirable and refreshing. Hand On Your Heart, I Should Be So Lucky and Especially For You were also a lot of fun and had us singing and dancing along on the sofa with big grins on our faces.

What was bad about it?

• As enjoyable as it was, televising live concerts is always problematic. Yes, we could see her up close and personal unlike the poor people in Block Z, Row 100 but the energy and vibe of the arena was diluted.

• We could have done with Kylie dancing a bit more. In her first Showgirl section for example, Disco Ostrich Kylie © seemed to just walk back and forth from stage left to right. Why was the Spinning Around bum-slapping routine absent?

• Neil Tennant’s ghostly voice during In Denial. Not necessarily a terrible song but sat uncomfortably with the mostly upbeat, feel-good setlist.

• No Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Or Got To Be Certain.

• This was a perfect opportunity to show some exclusive, backstage footage (e.g. Kylie in rehearsal, interacting with band and dancers, admiring her bum in the mirror, etc.) but this wasn’t given any consideration.

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