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by | Jun 9, 2004 | All, Reviews

What to say if you like it

It’s like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and that other one have been lezzed up and left in LA.

What to say if you dislike it

Comparisons with Sex And The City fall wide of the mark. There’s sex, and a city, but so little of the comedy that made SATC so appealing.

What’s good about it?

• It shows that lesbians are as sex mad as the rest of us.

• The basic premise is good – young girl from the sticks moves to LA to be with her hunky fiancé but is soon magnetising every lesbian in town (and succumbing to them, too)

• The sperm donor’s noisy orgasm was quite funny. Pity that his efforts only resulted in “stuff that wouldn’t get anyone pregnant” forcing wannabe mums Bette and Tina to go searching for spunk from any male they met

• It featured some cunnilingus. In a doctor’s surgery.

• It featured some useful beauty tips eg butt waxing is essential and so is bush confidence. “If you don’t have bush confidence, you’ll never get laid.”

• One of the women looks like a young Stephanie Beacham

• Our favourite character is the bisexual LA Magazine journalist Alice Pieszecki, who is played by Leisha Hailey (kd lang’s girlfriend), the only openly lesbian actress in the cast.

• Pam Grier was great as a washed-up singer

What’s bad about it?

• It’s set in the supersmooth (ie boring) world of self-improvement gurus, coffee’n’cake, jackets with razor sharp lapels etc.

• All the lesbians are shapely beauties. Surely the odd overweight, denim-clad man- hating bulldyke could have turned up. (If bulldykes if an offensive word, sorry. We’re just trying to be trendy like Richard Madeley).

• The political messages are a bit laboured. eg “Sponsors aren’t exactly clamouring to have their stuff repped by big old lezzie tennis players,” moaned Dana (the least appealing character even if she does look Daisy Donovanish)

• We loved seeing Jennifer Beals cavorting around in a leotard in Flashdance but she’s a bit tiresome as a driven woman barking orders into a mobile phone in an Edina-like way.

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