The Lenny Henry Show, BBC1

by | Apr 30, 2004 | All, Reviews

What to say of you liked it

More fulsome fun and adorable antics with one of Britain’s best loved comedians.

What to say if you didn’t like it

A hackneyed greetings card epitaph on the headstone to mark the grave of the career of one of Britain’s best loved comedians.

What was good about it?

• Lenny is still an endearing host and as a result evokes affection, not so much for his current shows but more the memories for Tiswas and Delbert Wilkins persona. And the urging for him to succeed in this latest comic venture is akin to praying your flea-bitten 12-year-old cat pulls through a delicate operation at the vet, but always preparing for the almost inevitable failure of the procedure.

• The spoof cop show ForenSICK:UK (Scene Investigation Crime) had the occasional funny moment such the light satire of Lenny freeing the murderess because processing and filing the complex case would have taken him and his team far too long.

• “David Beckham was going to vote but couldn’t spell ‘X’.”

What was bad about it?

• The theme music is a tuneless dirge more commonly used by cruise ships to anesthetise their aged customers into states of manageable catatonia.

• The Chelsea v Liverpool/ Tories v Labour gag was highly predictable.

• The sketch where the old lady obliviously sang rude Jamaican rhymes could have been exhumed from Last of the Summer Wine’s toxic joke dump.

• The insincere, ponderous applause from the audience that sounded like a flock of overweight birds taking flight after being startled.

• Gina Yashere’s naughty teenager unfortunately suffered poorly in comparison to Vicky Pollard.

• Lenny’s humour falls badly between the two stools of mocking youth culture, which he once did very adroitly, and the embittered confusion of a man approaching his 50th birthday. The Outkast spoof of Hey Ya! (OK Ya!) was a good idea but not developed beyond the original gag, while part of his stand-up routine bemoaned the technological evolution of the world with an insight inferior or pilfered from great comics of the past.

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