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A body swap, drug smuggling, funeral procedures, a stillborn baby and a whole lot of faffing around summed up Lewis this week. There were so many characters by the time we finally found out who the actual murder victim was (we had at least three potentials), I’d given up caring. To make matters worse, because of his West End commitments Laurence Fox was unable to film most of these episodes and so Hathaway was spirited off to Croatia to build an orphanage. Lucky orphans.

Back in Oxford, resident dodgy dealer Peter (played against type by Peter Davison) is hosting a dinner party at which someone gets murdered. His wife is having an affair with supposed good cop Jack, who disappears soon after. And there’s a student waiter who also works for the undertaker that Peter has invested him who seems to be at the centre of things. To be honest, I got rather lost with the storyline. With the exception of the student, I didn’t care about any of the characters and there were so many red herrings by the end I wasn’t entirely convinced Lewis had uncovered the truth.

However, this could have been due to the fact that this storyline wasn’t really about the murders at all. It was about us viewers finally getting what we’ve dreamed of for years, a proper romance between Lewis and lovely pathologist Laura Hobson. This has redefined the term slow burn but it was nice to see that things were not sped up over this two-parter. It started with Laura looking wistfully at Lewis while on a date with another man. Then Lewis visited a crematorium and realised his wife’s death didn’t hurt quite so immediately. Throw in an hour and a half of flirty comments and holding hands for just a fraction too long and Lewis finally decided to hold her hand and never let go. Well, except to rescue a young woman from a fire, thus demonstrating his heroic manliness and allowing Laura to play the weepy heroine. By the time we got to the full on smooch in the pub that ended the episode I was more than comfortable with this new relationship, unlike Hathaway, whose look of surprise can only be described as priceless. Thankfully, it soon changed to delight.

The other main factor of this storyline was the new sidekick, DC Gray, ably played by Babou Ceesay. He joined the series in Hathaway’s absence and despite interviews with the actor saying he wouldn’t be parachuted in, that’s exactly what they did. The character was very sweet, charmingly naive and clearly someone Lewis could take under his wing at a later date. I hope we see more of him, especially as we finally got his backstory at the end. In an adorable moment, Gray revealed he had joined the police force after a helping hand from a Geordie policeman investigating the death of Gray’s father. Sadly, the Geordie policeman, AKA Lewis, didn’t remember. It would have been nice to have found this out earlier in the episodes, as for most of the time I was merely complaining that Gray wasn’t Hathaway, rather than appreciating him as a character in his own right. Next week we’re back to normal, though sadly still in these daft one hour episodes. I’m cheating again and watching the first part later in the week.

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