Liar episode 5 takes a shift in tone.

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While last week’s effort was in no way mediocre there was a worry that exposing the liar at the halfway stage left the story with very little life left. With hindsight, the trip to Scotland was used as a measure of Laura’s last attempts to get justice through honest means. So far things have had at least two feet set in reality, concentrating on emotions and personal politics first and foremost. Episode five ups the heightened drama element it has mostly avoided. This is not meant as an insult or an implication that what happens in the closing stages couldn’t occur in real life, it’s just the foot has well and truly been put on the pedal.

Everything about the penultimate episode is exaggerated from what has gone before. When the music isn’t even more tense, it’s soaringly beautiful. As for the direction , the claustrophobic intensity grows. The camera lurks in even more distant places. Spying on proceedings from around further flung corners, windows and tables. It’s like they want you to feel like you’re spying in on conversations you shouldn’t be. A voyeur on other people’s misery. It works in a forty five minutes that surprises.

Who knew that an umbrella could cause so much distress? Due to Katy leaving one in Tom’s car and their stories not matching, Laura is told about the affair. It’s something that was expected to said next week but like Scotland trip, the betrayal of a sister and an ex-boyfriend is used as an explanation for the actions Laura undertakes. The GHB  in Tom’s hand last week proves to be a red herring. rather than going ahead with the plan to plant the drug in Andrew’s locker, Laura resorts to the bottle. Earlham continues his charm offensive, with emphasis on the word offensive. Like everything else, his darkness takes a new level as we discover he has films of all his crimes. What’s the betting some viewers will still inexplicably think he’s innocent?

DI Harmon discovers there are abrasions at a baby scan (‘Abrasions At A Baby Scan’ sound like a long lost Smiths song title but let’s not get distracted) and asks to be tested for any GHB in her system. Despite it not showing up Vanessa knows exactly what has happened to her and who the man responsible is. It’s a chain of events that results in permission to track Andrew’s car being granted. Let’s overlook the logistics and go with the flow because it’s worth it.

This is where a psychological drama turns to an almost Michael Jackson level of thriller. OK, so there are no dancing zombies but Laura has a nefarious master plan. She tricks Andrew into a drink and while he’s unguarded slips GHB into the man’s bloodstream, bundles him into his car and takes him down to the baron marshes. The justification being that she will lie to make sure her attacker is sent down. She will claim he kidnapped her. Why? Because telling the truth got her nowhere. It’s a twist curvier than Kim Kardashian’s backside and in a tale that has already preached of the injustices in a system designed to make victims suffer more, makes complete sense. The tone may have changed but the elements of the message remain the same.

The stand off at the marshes (this has turned into a Morrissey lyric generator) between Andrew and his most recent targets should, in theory, be the moment he is arrested. Having stated that he’s been drugged to the DI, he claims that he can’t be arrested with the GHB in his system. While this may be factually correct, how would one person’s word be construed as fact, especially when faced with the law? Surely anyone could claim that. Robbed a bank? “Sorry guys, there’s still a bit of GHB in my system.. laters”. As we know only too well, the law is an ass and so is Andrew, who walks away without denying his crimes and one hundred percent confident he will evade punishment.  His SD cards might prove to be his downfall but with limited time left, Liar has cliffhanger and a two year wait written all over it.

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Liar Concludes Monday at 9.00pm on ITV.

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