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by | Jan 9, 2007 | All, Reviews

What to say if you liked it?

Another US teen drama that’s like, so-o-o way cool, man.

What to say if you disliked it?


What’s good about it?

• As US teen dramas go (not very far), it gets straight to the point – they all want sex. It’s not going to take five series to reach the first kiss and it’s not going to be a chronicle of on-off relationships, sighing and crying. We hope.

• Sean Farris as Dino is the hot jock – better looking than anyone on Dawson’s Creek and The OC (but nowhere near as good looking as Chad Michael Murray on One Tree Hill).

• Dino’s refreshing lack of romance. “You’d better give it up soon,” he tells girlfriend Jackie (referring to her virginity). “Because a lot of girls want to do it with me.”

• The central trio of lads are a reasonable mix – the stud, the pervy nerd and the arty butt of all the jokes.

• As much as we dislike her (and that’s very, very much) Kelly Osbourne doesn’t do a bad job as the fat girl in awful clothes (lots of pink) who is quite sweet and somehow lands the very good looking Jonathan. “It’s like feeding time at the pork farm,” was Dino’s description when he saw the pair of them kissing (or reaching first base, as American brats call it. Second base is, we believe, fingering or possibly a blowjob. Not sure what third base is. A home run is, presumably, penetration.)

• Seattle looks really cool.

• Franz Ferdinand were on the soundtrack.

What’s bad about it?

• A severe case of voiceoveritis and fourth wall breakdown.

• The nerd winning the heart of the hot young teacher. In his dreams!!!

• Dino’s cool dad is a pain. We’d rather have a dad like Homer than this creep who’s really into father-son bonding.

• The opening scene featured people drinking straight from the milk carton. We were disgusted. An angry letter to the Radio Times will be dispatched forthwith along the lines of “television should be compelled to set a good example etc”

• As much as we like Dino’s muscles, it seemed a little gratuitous to show him doing his ice hockey training in a vest.

• Teacher Miss Young’s pursuit of 16-year-old Jonathan would cause an outrage (and not feature in a teen drama) if the genders were reversed. But she does drive a VW Beetle so we’ll forgive her.

• Dino overreacted just a bit when he caught his mum snogging Coach Scott. Please don’t let him be an agonised twat like Dawson Leary.

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