Little Britain Abroad, BBC1

by | Dec 25, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

The backlash against David Walliams and Matt Lucas is gathering pace, but we’re having none of it. This was excellent, sending all our favourite characters out to sunny climes where most of them sizzled.

What was good about it?

• The parody of Lost (to be continued) with Lou and Andy washed up on a beach after Andy insisted in hitting the plane’s red button (it stops the engines) as they flew to Disneyland, despite the prospect that Andy would miss a few episodes of Bargain Hunt

• Vicki Pollard languishing in a Thai jail for smuggling heroin, but trotting out her usual garbled excuses that involved an ice-skating rink, the song Informer and Denise Kilcannon who “had a backstreet boob job for a hundred quid and now her tits look like the Mitchell brothers in EastEnders.”

• Dafydd claiming he’s the only gay on the Greek island of Mykonos when he jets out for the the opening of gay bar Myfanwy’s Place, his first excursion from the village since a geography field trip to Merthyr Tydfil in 1987. Myfanwy insists the place is “teeming with todger” and a “jism jamboree”, as well as revealing that Dafydd’s mother has “been lezzing it up with my Auntie Ruth for years.” Even a sunbather’s claim that “I am a gay. I’m as gay as a gay can be gay. I am a gay. I’m a gay gay” failed to persuade Dafydd that he should receive an invite to the bar.

• Bubbles de Vere seducing little Ronnie Corbett at his Monte Carlo home

• Carol working as a Sunseekers rep, as unhelpful as ever and as unhelpful as her Spanish counterpart (“La computadore ditte que no”)

• Tom Baker’s narration eg “I love Italian cuisine – alphabetti spaghetti and Cornetto. Belissimo!”

• Conservative association chairman Maggie throwing up over the concierge at their Italian hotel when Judy points out that touching up her breasts and giving her a kiss makes Maggie a lesbian.

What was bad about it?

• Mental patient Anne in the Louvre was too stupid.

• Marjorie Dawes in America wasn’t as plump with humour as it could have been

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