Little Miss Jocelyn, BBC3

by | Aug 26, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

This new sketch show featuring the myriad talents of Jocelyn Jee Esien wasn’t half bad. Sketch shows are always hit and miss affairs, but this was more hit than miss.

What was good about it?

• It featured some truly original and bizarre punchlines and characters: the woman who pulls herself along on her arse because she’s got worms and the increasingly enjoyable witch doctor nurse character were particularly weird.

• The monarchist traffic warden character also grew on us and the final sketch, which seemed to be with a civilian rather than an actor, as the warden insisted on two minutes’ silence for the “Kwane” was very entertaining.

• The unusual Umwawawawah couple made us smile despite ourselves – the sheer energy of the acting dragged the slightly sub-par script along.

• With a lot of sketch shows it’s the predictability of the punchlines that let them down. Such a criticism was rarely in danger here, however. A good example was the funeral scene where Jocelyn’s character complained she never knew what to say on these occasions. In panic she licked the face of a grieving widow then stumbled backwards in shock at her own actions only to trample on the freshly filled-in grave.

• Even with the sketches that were a little obvious, such as Jocelyn’s office worker who displayed racist tendencies towards a new black worker, there were funny lines that shone through as she asked him to say ‘urban’ instead of black and reprimanded him for his ‘Peckham laugh.’

What was bad about it?

• The three sketches involving the devil-baby weren’t the best, despite what could be a winning catchphrase: ‘that’s just not normal.’ (Although the witchdoctor nurse’s catchphrase, ‘Save Yourself’, was much better.)

• Despite an obvious wish to appeal to a wide audience, it was a little too skewed towards Londoners at times.

• The opening sketch of a businesswoman having a tantrum like a toddler was a poor start – luckily things picked up, but it was an odd way to kick off a series.

• The female black president left us a little bemused. While we could see potential humour in parodying all the various black stereotypes that have pervaded culture over the years, this just wasn’t funny despite Jocelyn’s vast talent for mimicry.

Luke Knowles

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