Love Lies Bleeding, ITV1

by | Feb 27, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Not at first no. But as there was nothing else on we stuck with it and ended up enjoying it. So to quote Vicky Pollard “Yeah but no but yeah”

What was good about it?

• Elizabeth Berrington as the scheming solicitor.

• Hugo Speer as the spooky DCI Stuart Milburn who was out for revenge.

• The always entertaining and believable Claire Goose who was killed in the second scene. Or was she?

• The plot in which Joanna Simms (Berrington) and Milburn (Speer) set out to steal Martin Kemp’s millions was a nice twist and the whole set up though difficult to follow at first it was intriguing.

• Just when you thought it had ended, the baddie returns to terrorise the couple one more time.

• Martin Kemp’s acting was good enough for us to forgive him (just for the 90 minutes) of those godawful DFS ads – and the rest of his ITV output.

What was bad about it?

• We were supposed to believe Martin Kemp had earned millions in property developing but only ever saw him at work once and it was never really mentioned how successful he was.

• The suspenseful string music was overused and overpowering. We kept expecting John Nettles and the rest of the Midsomer Murders team to appear at any moment.

• Having to stop it and explain the plot to others watching because they found the opening too confusing.

• Though the flashbacks to the 1970s showing the main characters as children were important to the plot, there were too many and the ending was highly predictable.

• The cot death plot was a little poor. It wasn’t really necessary and just seemed clichéd.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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