Lucas and Walliams’ Perfect Night In

by | Apr 7, 2007 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

“Not another clip show…!” we groaned. But wait! This had an interesting spin, as Matt and David put together an imaginary TV schedule featuring their favourite TV moments, and it became clear how certain programmes had inspired and shaped their careers. The hosts genuinely enthused about clips which varied from hard-hitting drama like GBH to childhood favourites such as Grange Hill and Doctor Who and comedies such as Alan Partridge and Are You Being Served?

Which of Matt and David’s selections would have made our night in?

• Hi-de-Hi. Ok, the latter series’ had well and truly jumped the shark, but the clips of the vampish Gladys Pugh and the uncomfortable Jeffrey Fairbrother still get us chuckling. Plus we got Ruth Madoc telling us how she was worried about playing Dafydd’s Mam in Little Britain and needed convincing by her 40-year-old son.

• Grange Hill – Matt and David were dismissive of the whole ‘Just Say No’ mocking of Grange Hill, and showed the clip of one of the kids drowning. This was accompanied by Zammo and the drowned kid, Jeremy (now in their late 30’s) reminiscing as to how the production team had put a weight in Jeremy’s Speedos to keep him under the water!

• Saturday afternoon wrestling featuring Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks took us back to our childhood as we wasted hours of our lives watching two fat blokes lumber around a ring.

• Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks – one of the most thought-provoking and frightening stories of the Tom Baker era got a well-deserved airing.

• Queen’s performance at Live Aid. As the boys pointed out, this was one of the great musical performances of all time.

• The wonderful clip from I’m Alan Partridge when he is having sex in the dark with secretary Jill and keeping up a running commentary finally ending up covered in chocolate mousse. Comedy gold.

• The comedy clips were all fantastic – especially the Christmas special of the Royle Family, and the mock gunfight from Spaced.

• The boys explaining how they’d taken Rod Hull’s safari-suited character with an attacking Emu and used it as an inspiration for Des Kaye’s perverted children TV’s presenter sexually assaulting young men on stage!

• The clip from I’m Your Number-One Fan – which showed the seriously disturbed fan of DJ Mike Read. Car-crash TV, but totally compelling.

Which of Matt and David’s selections would have made even a night out with Jordan and Peter Andre seem appealing?

• Larry Grayson’s Generation Game. When it comes to inane, meaningless catch-phrases, “Shut that door!” is on the top of the pile…

• The Jim’ll Fix It clip of the Scouts on the rollercoaster. Sorry, but we’ve seen it just too many times.

• Network 7. It might have been cutting-edge in the 80’s, but now seemed even more dated than Larry Grayson. Plus it had Janet Street-Porter pontificating – never an appealing prospect.

• Tantrums and Tiaras – see Elton John as he really is; a demanding, petulant, ungrateful control freak.

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