Masterchef: Leaves a sour taste in my mouth

by | Jan 18, 2012 | All, Reviews

“Ladies & Gentlemen let’s cook!” You know what let’s not. Tuesday night saw the not so welcome return of BBC1’s Masterchef.  Not only did the banal cookery “reality” series return far too soon but its back for 15 episodes! Yes 15!  We’re being treated to the first 3 helpings over three consecutive nights.  There are very few series I can’t stomach (yes every time I think of a food/eating reference its going in)  but there’s very little I can think to say that would paint Masterchef in anything other than a dismal light. 

I don’t believe it belongs in such a primetime slot on BBC1. BBC1 should offer drama, documentary and comedy in a 9pm slot not a cookery series for 12 weeks! I think it’s the attempts to turn a cookery series into The Apprentice that really leaves such a sour taste in my mouth (yes there’s another). The over the top music, the dull narration and the lack of personality from the hosts make this completely unappetizing to me. Every week each contestant serves up food and one by one their wittered down until finally one is given the title of Masterchef. That’s all you get. You’re not given your own Michelin starred restaurant or your name in the Good Food Guide no just a trophy. Despite the valiant efforts of the production staff you can cut the tension in any episode of the series with a butter knife. The only exciting thing to happen on an episode of Masterchef could be someone getting burnt or dropping their chocolate cake on the floor but I can’t be expected to watch 15 hours of something in the hopes someone might cut themselves. 

If I was forced to make this a balanced review I’d commend the series on picking “nice” contestants. They’re a nice enough group of wannabe cooks. The average Masterchef competitor isn’t cringe worthy or backstabbing like those who grace Lord Sugar’s boardroom every year but that might because a Masterchef competitor is too busy up to their eyes in mash potato to care what their fellow man is plating up.

Everything about this is dull. I’m really not sure of its appeal. British television is already overstuffed with chefs and cookery shows and it irritates me that we’re subjected to another. This is just pumped up daytime telly that has somehow slipped into the primetime schedules. Its atemps to ramp up the tension when someone is cooking an over complicated stew is laughable.  There’s more tension in an episode of Countryfile. To sum up I despise Masterchef. Thanks!





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