Matt’s X-Factor Chart: Big Band Week

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This week X-Factor went old school by giving us Big Band, a tradition that it reintroduced last year. As ever, some of the acts floundered under the weight of the 31-piece orchestra but a few brought their A-games.

1. Only the Young – I Wanna Be Like You 

Despite the small hiccup at the end, Only the Young’s performance won the night for me and it was great to see the boys take charge of the lead vocals for once. Combining their trademark fun performance with a bit of style, their Jungle Book piece was the most entertaining turn of the evening.

2. Fleur East – Bang Bang 

If Fleur had been given a better song then she would’ve been my number one once again but as it was I don’t think Bang Bang suited Big Band Week. There was just too much going on and I felt the rap section was drowned out by the band. Despite this, Fleur’s energy continues to be great and she’s still my favourite overall act in the competition.

3. Lauren Platt – Smile 

Lauren was back on form tonight with a song that really suited her vocal style, that being said I felt the band started to drown her out towards the end.

4. Andrea Faustini – Summertime 

Though his performance was vocally on point, I felt that Andrea once again sounded like he was copying a recording of Summertime rather than putting an original spin on it. I also agree with Simon about his facial expressions.

5. Stereo Kicks – Mack the Knife 

Call me a cynic but I feel the ’24 hour song change disaster’ is yet another contrived story to garner sympathy for this octo-band. That being said I felt each lad did well with their own separate part of the song however I would’ve like to hear them sing together a little bit more throughout the course of the track.

6. Ben Haenow – Cry Me a River 

Ben was competent this week but never really blew me away which is a shame seeing as he was handed possibly the best song of the night.

7. Jay James – New York, New York 

I’d put Jay in the same category as Ben as I found it all a bit cruise ship this week and the girl doing the burlesque dance in the glass made this appear cheesier than it actually was.

8. Stevi Ritchie – Mambo No.5/She Bangs 

When your mentor calls your performance one of the worst in X-Factor history I feel that your time is definitely up. Now that Stevi is officially on the tour I think that this should be the week that he leaves before any more decent acts leave the show before he does. I also don’t feel that Mel B’s face can take many more of Stevi’s performances.

What did you think of tonight’s X-Factor? Did I get the order right this week?

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Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly


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