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The X-Factor tends to be quite scary viewing regardless of what the acts are singing but this week’s dubious Halloween theme saw the acts don various horror-related garb to perform a variety of songs. Once again I was watching, wondering what was going on half the time, and compiling my weekly performance evaluation.

1. Andrea Faustini – Relight My Fire

Regular readers of this column will know that I’m not Andrea’s number one fan but I enjoyed the fact that, for once, he didn’t sound like he was copying a song he’d heard on the radio. Instead his performance of Relight My Fire was full of fun, vocally on point and marked him out as a decent performer. Oh, and did I mention, he was painted GOLD!

2. Paul Akister – Bat Out of Hell

As we’re four weeks into the competition now I can definitely say that Paul is the most consistent performer on a weekly basis. He really understands how to pace a performance and he proved it again with his take on the Meatloaf track. He may even have been number one but unfortunately he wasn’t painted gold.

3. Fleur East – Thriller 

Fleur is undeniably the best all-rounder in this year’s X-Factor as she has great vocals, can carry off a convincing rap whilst all the while mastering a tricky routine. Although her dancing may have overtaken her singing this week there’s no denying that she entertained her audience and was move-perfect when it came to the classic Thriller dance.

4. Stereo Kicks – Everybody

Stereo Kicks mixed their harmonies from last week with their high energy performances from the first two live shows to create a likeable boy band cover of the Backstreet Boys hit. It didn’t hinder them that Brian Friedman had essentially thrown everything into their routine to mask the dodgy vocals possessed by a few of the group’s members.

5. Only the Young – Monster Mash 

If this four piece didn’t once work at a holiday park then I’ll eat my hat, as their combination of Monster Mash and Crocodile Rock sounded like the sort of thing you’d hear at a Butlins Family Fun Day. Nevertheless they approached it with plenty of energy and came back fighting after being in the bottom two last week. I was also a fan of their pre-performance vignette in which they took Louis Walsh trick-or-treating, the photographic results of which can be seen above.

6. Ben Haenow – Highway to Hell

Another solid middle-of-the-road performance from a middle-of-the-road singer, Ben at least did something a little bit different this week as I don’t think I’ve ever heard AC/DC being sung on X-Factor before.

7. Lauren Platt – Dark Horse

I’m not quite sure what happened to Lauren but after two weeks at the top her performances have become pretty bland. She appeared uncomfortable with the choreography that was given to her and I think she’d prefer going back to being the girl who sounded like she was singing the track on a John Lewis advert.

8. Jay James – Mad World 

We’re now several hours removed from tonight’s show and I’m still not sure whether or not I enjoyed Jay’s electronic take on Tears for Fears’ hit. In fact I was more than a little distracted by the fact that he appeared to be wearing the same suit that George Michael donned in the video for ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.’

9. Stevi Ritchie – Music of the Night

After weeks of being the ‘comedy guy’, Stevi actually showed us how his theatrical side could actually be harnessed into providing a half decent performance. His take on the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ track was free from irony and was actually one of the most enjoyable moments of the night.

10. Jack Walton – Bleeding Love 

Tonight’s episode started with the revelation that the person with the fewest votes would leave the contest at the end of the show. Unfortunately that honour went to Jack who gave a substandard turn in his performance of the Leona Lewis hit. To be fair to Jack, I don’t think he’d been given a fair shot as he came out dressed like Adam Ant before being savaged by what I hoped was a backing dancer and not a rabid fan. Ultimately I think that Mel B was more interested in Paul and Andrea so Jack’s chances in the competition quickly evaporated.

11. Lola Saunders – Crazy

I’m not quite sure what happened to Lola, who at one time was a hot favourite. Her version of Gnarls Barkley’s song was all over the place and yet received a standing ovation from several of the judges. However, when your main piece of positive praise is that you kept going despite your mic pack falling off, you may start to realise that your vocals weren’t all that memorable.

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