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With only five acts left in the competition, this week The X-Factor pulled a double-header on us. Each act sang two songs; one picked for them by the public and the other allegedly selected by a singing superstar. Despite the fact that there’s definitely talent in this final quintet, I personally found this to be the most underwhelming instalment thus far.

1. Fleur East – If I Ain’t Got You

The X-Factor had made a big deal about Lauren being ill however it also seemed as if the usually consistent Fleur was also having vocal issues as she appeared to be struggling to hit some notes during her performance of the Alicia Keys hit. That being said she still delivered a strong and measured turn that to me was the best of the night. 

2. Andrea Faustini – Chandelier  

Much was made of Andrea’s hitting of the high notes on this Sia hit, chosen for him by Sam Smith. However I noticed that he struggled with some of the lower notes and that this performance both showcased his strengths and weakness. But, in a week that didn’t have any stand out performances, I still felt that Andrea’s first song was pretty memorable. 

3. Ben Haenow – Come Together 

Credit where credit’s due, Ben’s performance of The Beatles hit was possibly the song that suited him the most and therefore provided his most polished turn to date. However, despite some strong vocals, I don’t think that Ben really has anything about him and that’s the reason I don’t think he should win the contest.

4. Andrea Faustini – Hero 

Another solid vocal from Andrea but this performance of the Mariah hit felt very karaoke and didn’t deserve the standing ovation it received. 

5. Lauren Platt – Don’t You Worry Child 

It was plain to see that Lauren found it hard last night but it was hardly surprising given the fact that she could barely speak on Friday. Of her two performances; I found her interpretation of the Swedish House Mafia track to be more memorable and felt it really came from the heart. 

6. Fleur East – A Fool For Love 

Of all of the stars who chose the acts, Emeli Sande seemed the one who most genuinely wanted to help the contestant she was selecting a song for. Emeli eventually chose a Tina Turner track that Fleur had never heard of but she nevertheless delivered the vocal with plenty of gusto. However, the performance was a rare misstep for Fleur who was lucky that she had a second song on the show. 

7. Stereo Kicks – Run 

It’s fair to say that Stereo Kicks are now at the bottom of the pack and even this competent version of Run felt a little flat. The opening video package also demonstrated that they don’t have as many female fans as they possible should have at this stage of the contest and I’ll be shocked if they’re not in the bottom two tonight.

8. Ben Haenow – Thinking Out Loud 

The crowd attacked Mel B after her constructive criticism of Ben’s performance of the Ed Sheeran hit but I have to agree with the fact that he didn’t bring enough light and shade to the track. This second performance proved that Ben only has one setting and the fact he didn’t bring the right qualities to this song shows that he’s not a particularly diverse artist. 

9. Lauren Platt – Clarity 

Having known that she was poorly, I wouldn’t have let Lauren do a routine where she had to run around the stage a lot. I feel that two ballads would’ve been better for an ailing Lauren and I also think that the gimmick of having her brother dancing  on stage only worked last week.

10. Stereo Kicks – The Way You Are 

One of the recurring themes of Stereo Kicks’ time on the show has been Simon chastising Louis for changing the boys’ songs and staging at the last minute. However, Simon has final say on everything and it was probably his idea that Stereo Kicks stand still on stage rather than being accompanied by dancers as was the original plan. This change in routine made the octet’s performance of the Bruno Mars song feel stilted and it also exposed vocal problems that a few of The Kicks still possess.

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